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Pixel Blade Games by David Hunt

I'm just an ordinary guy with a passion for video games, story-telling, and music. I grew up with a huge collection of SNES and Playstation RPGs and those defined my path forward in game development. I earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science, studied music, and took six years of film production classes, all with the intention of using the skills for making video games.

My ideology:
Make the game that I want to play. That means an immersive story and fun mechanics, but also no ads, no microtransactions, and any DLC is always free. No one can pay to win and there's no sacrificing immersion for obtrusive ads.

Finally, I focus on what the users want. I take feedback on all aspects of my games and adjust accordingly. No single developer can define a perfect game. They need voices from all backgrounds, all types of players, to give feedback in order to make these adjustments.

The mission of Pixel Blade Games is to make emotionally moving stories coupled with fun and innovative gameplay. The best games are made by those who play.

tl;dr: I so smart, passion is OP, deal bruh

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