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13 years in the making, Forever Home is a story-centric celebration of the golden age of RPGs. Throughout the 50+ hour adventure you'll use a battle system inspired by Squaresoft style action turn-based systems such as Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. The skill learning system combines the best features of Grandia II and the Final Fantasy VII Materia system.

The character-driven narrative contains a deeply emotional and adult-oriented story mixing tragedy and heartache with overcoming personal adversities and lighthearted humor. There's an incredible amount of content for a single indie developer, and the 13 year development cycle is reflective of this.

Key Features:

- 30+ hour main story
- 30+ hours of sidequests
- Weapon / Armor / Item crafting
- Turn-based combat with a modern take on action-time systems
- Challenging boss battles requiring well-thought-out strategies
- Retro style world map with ship and airship travel
- Original soundtrack written over 5 years




Download all screenshots, logos and icons as .zip (16MB)


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Gameplay Videos

Some of the humor sprinkled throughout the story:

Dungeon exploration and battles:

One of the many cutscenes:

Boss battle:




I'm a 31 year old professional software developer. In 2003 I started making an RPG, changed engines a couple times, wrote a full 30 to 60 hour long storyline, rewrote it, rewrote it again x 5, learned how to write music, learned about 10 different programming languages, and learned how to draw. I gave roughly 5 hours a night usually from 7pm to 12pm over the 13 year period.

2003 - Started making game and writing story
2004 - Hated the story so started over
2006 - Changed to a newer game engine (RmXP)
2009 - Gave up because of engine limitations. Couldn't do what I wanted so I nearly trashed everything and quit. Made another smaller Android game in the meantime but continued working on story details for the original game.
2012-2013 - Took classes on music theory
2013 - Changed to a newer engine (RpgMaker Vx Ace) and decided to go all-out until the game was done. Also rewrote major parts of the story.
Nov 1st, 2017 - Release!