👀 Watch only if you’re over 6 years old! 🟡#roblox #shorts - pixelbladegames.com

👀 Watch only if you’re over 6 years old! 🟡#roblox #shorts

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Hey, I’m Cloudy! If you play Roblox, following my channel is a must – you’ll be graced with 3 daily story videos, where Buzzy and other iconic characters will get into all kind of situations and adventures.

Let’s make a deal: you subscribe to Cloudy so you can support my job, and I make every single day of your life brighter with my stories! Hope you enjoy 😉💙🔥


  1. Forge frontier is a rip off of pull a sword

  2. 5 times bacon appeard im 8 years old

  3. I am 8 and he showed up 4 times unless the last one counts then 5

  4. 5 if you sing It's the right number then click the like button

  5. Team 8 years old and team 5 bacon

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