💔THIS ISN'T A GAME!💔psychopathic meme animation ( DOORS roblox ) Ambush/Jhonny Cartman - pixelbladegames.com

💔THIS ISN’T A GAME!💔psychopathic meme animation ( DOORS roblox ) Ambush/Jhonny Cartman

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  1. Bro why betrayal is soo sus💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️

  2. I uh this just randomly poped up on my shorts so im very confused but did that guy with the black hair uh grape the other guy????? Also aren't these like doors characters or something?

  3. Seriously!? What is wrong with you!? You think its ok to put r@p3 when your content is for 11 and up it should be like 13 and up and still shipping these two characters after one of them r@p3 the other!? You should be ashamed of yourself

  4. 😢 um pouco de passagem nunca mais linda é essa eu e o reboco do açúcar de passagem do açúcar pra vc e o pai e a tinta u e vc tá fazendo oq de

  5. Alright, it's time to no-clip James into what i call "RUN AND HIDE."

  6. O monstro que eu mais odiava, era aquele de ir e voltar; mas agora é p Rush..

  7. And yet you say this is a channel 11 and up

  8. No Ketelin, ponerle traumas a tú personaje no justifica poner una escena adonde se muestra que lo están abusando explicitamente.

  9. LORE AINT A EXCUSE 4 R4P2111111!!1

  10. BRO IDK HOW YALL PPL ENJOY THIS CONTENT HE WAS BEING RAPED AND YALL BE SAYING “omg ambush and rush are such a cute couple 🥰🥰😍😍” LIKE NO..

  11. See you in heaven cos I need to put bleach in my eyes

  12. The animation and drawings are very good, but posting nsfw without putting a warning anywhere in the video can be dangerous twords minors if they see this. Also, posting something about r@p3 can be triggering to other people who have been through it.
    I am not hating and this is just an opinion.

  13. .. why did you make that My mom was raped… Lucky she okay…


  15. Nah bro what is this 💀💀💀🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥

  16. There's more bleach eye and bleach and forgot potion 999999M left

  17. How is this being defended?? You are normalizing falling in love with your abuser…

  18. Uma pergunta por que sempre ele que tem que matar todos o que ele fez eu nunca vi a fancf mano eu não SEI MAIS TENHO CERTEZA QUE ELE NUNCA MATOU ELES

  19. Outra coisa por que ele teque fazer ………….. Com o amigo dele?

  20. Rush look a lot like RF!Wally but with more violence

  21. This is disgusting, abuser x victim? Thats cruel. Lore or not, rape is disgusting.

  22. Gurl im 9 why did this pop up in my fyp…..

  23. Are rushes do get a but quirky at night 🤫🧏‍♀️

  24. Continue are special 💀💀💀🥲🥲🥲WTH!

  25. When I say my jaw dropped I mean longer than a cartoon I stared at my screen in shock with so many questions in my mind

  26. O do Jhonny ter criado uma dependência emocional gigantesca no James desde pequena por achar q era amor é um negócio que machuca,pq eu sei como doi depender de alguém assim,mas tbm dá pra ver como ele passou a ter "medo" de receber afeto e atenção,pq o unico tipo de afeto que ele teve foi o mais tóxico possível.. Só espero que agora a relação do Ambush e do Rush melhore…

    Edit: MÃE TÔ FAMOSA!!!!!!

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