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1 Sentence per Roblox Jojo Game

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Yes, we are doing this kind of things now



  1. Trouble Standing Upright? More like not a thing anymore due to bug

  2. Lancer but he's hamood habibi biggest fan says:

    Project jojo is my favorite jojo game so far.

  3. nah stands awakening is more unbalanced

  4. Ok am I the only one who likes YBA as it is my first jojo game. In fact it is the only game that ever got me to roblox completely. I understand that the community sucks and some stands are unbalanced but its actually became a part of the game in my opinion. Still I would try AUT if it got released as many people say its good.

  5. Troublesome battleground 1 :i was n the jojo game but before it exist

  6. Stand upright, project Jojo, aut (old Universe) Jojo blox, and stands awakening make yba look balanced

  7. abd looked good when it came out but now it's kind of bad

  8. N the JoJo game is to accurate the hit boxes are fucking brutal

  9. A universal time:
    Way too much lore
    Stand upright:
    if there was no duppers
    the game would have
    been top tier

  10. The only joke here is the brains of YBA players, god dammit this is a joke if you play YBA don’t take this seriously.

  11. To me pjj is more unbalanced than yba
    Although one is dead

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