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1 year of Roblox game development in 9 minutes!

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Enjoy the video!


  1. This is awesome. I can't wait to play your game when It's done!

  2. youve really inspired me to work harder on my games
    thanks sudi!!!!

  3. This series is bittersweet for me. I salute you Mango.

    I've been developing on Roblox since quarantine began, over 2 years ago by this point (Technically as far back as 2015, but I learned to program over quarantine). Since then, my lack of motivation has led to little success. I have made many games, but don't properly advertise, update, refine, and get publicity. My plan was very similar to what you're doing. I would do DevLogs that would help me to gain exposure as I work on my current game, and let that build my motivation and determination to work more frequently.

    This is not the case, I have gotten lethargic and have failed to work on my game much at all. With a whole free day of summer vacation where I say I'll work on my game, I'll maybe get 30 minutes worth of work in, I have a perpetual burnout.

    When I found you about 2 months ago, you were at 500 or so subscribers. I thought to myself how I could easily pull that off if I focus. I decided then and there that I would focus on my game and finally get something going.

    It is two months later, I have gotten probably a grand total of 5 hours in on game development. You are now at 11,000 subscribers, and I have failed to even make anything worthwhile. Your progress gives me the envy I need to feel to fully regret how much time I have wasted, and how much I put off everything I wish to do.

    Keep it up, get even more work in. It'll help sink in the feeling to me about how much damn time I waste, and how I could have already made the front page by now if I wasn't such a sloth.

  4. Hey uhh… I see you know how to animate and script on roblox. I had this group project I was creating a year ago that I had to abandon because of crew issues and finding people to contribute to project. So im not gonna annoy you with pleads. im just asking if you want to help/join me to make our game. Im not a animator nor a scripter. Im more of a storywriter and pre artist type of guy and I could use someone with your skills! If your interested message back and I can send you my discord server so we can get started. Btw if you join I just need you to read this comic to understand my ideals and what im striving for.

  5. Yo mango, I am your builder, why did you unfriend me? (Max.#2575) I think it was a mistake but if it wasn't atleast let me know..

  6. You don't need to violate this guy, he does it himself for you…

  7. yo can you please make quests bro i wanna see how u do it

  8. 100% not just bootleg version of dani but in roblox

  9. Me: See's MangoDev new haircut.
    Me: who are you again ?
    Universe: "snaps back to reality"
    Me: Oh its MangoDev 🙂

  10. Can’t wait to play your game! Me and my friends are gonna grind that game!looks so fun!


  12. day 2 of asking, make quests by your game please

  13. You completey made my motivation on making some roblox games. This channel grown up so much but sadly. I failed because I’m very bad at doing games

  14. i worked on a game so hard (even tho it might suck lol) and still got 0 players 💀💀

  15. Do you know why my roblox studio files are corrupted ?

  16. You are very inspiring 👍
    I also subbed to this channel and your second channel.

  17. ok and now give me the game link
    btw good job of the game

  18. I wish my beard was as good as yours.

  19. Just found your Channel it’s good keep it up, also it seems like you take inspiration from Dani it’s good like he’s.

  20. youd make money if u made scripts for executers like synapse or krnl

  21. Bro I remember when I first found your channel and you had only had like 10 subs and I watched your devlog#1 and which motivated me to start to make my own game

  22. finally, a roblox youtuber that swears

  23. Nice 🤩😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤯

  24. This is nuts, I've been coding for 6 years on Roblox and you've honestly gotten to my level already. You're insane bro.

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