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10 Roblox Games That Got Hacked

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In this video, I’ll explain a couple of hacking incidents that have involved 10 Roblox games, such as Rise of Nations, MeepCity, Work at a pizza place, and more.

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10 Roblox Games That Got Hacked – Thank you for watching!

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Number 10
2:39 – Number 9
4:22 – Number 8
6:07 – Number 7
8:55 – Number 6
10:50 – Number 5
12:54 – Number 4
14:37 – Number 3
16:35 – Number 2
18:17 – Number 1
20:21 – Outro
Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – Staircase

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – Emergency

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – No Name

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – Do It

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – Lost

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – The Truth

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – Burn Again

Klas Wahl & Anders Niska – No Turning Back

Sources, clips & images are located in this document:

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  1. If all the hacker come to Vietnam and congratulations you have a adventure in vietnam .In our country we have our funny for hacker (if they scary) like laos shoe and the stick baseball

  2. This is a day, month, year where my account was born -> 15:02

  3. This video is just really good and really interessed. I love hacks, who is behind this hack, how the game is hack…ect. Very good job !

  4. I see on the tiktok you righ cool kid that's he's fault

  5. Meep city doesn't hacked just fake game of Meep xity

  6. bro this looks like something that straight up came out of a call of duty game

  7. Oh no im glad towar of hall didnt gott hack 👍

  8. Y'know what pisses me off so much? TUBERS93 MADE PEOPLE SPAWN ON THE "Allah" SIGN

  9. yea i was playing pizza but something hacked me on 2008

  10. Hey guys, so the guy said therese many hacking in prison life, well guest what THERES ALOT OF HACKERS IN THE GAME

  11. I don,t play any more roblox I just play my offline games or online

  12. LOLET_TOOLS1 via instagram he's a ginus says:


  13. LOLET_TOOLS1 via instagram he's a ginus says:


  14. Wait, I used to play a game called nations roleplay and it got hacked, the hacker somehow kept forcing everyone to join a game called katana simulator but it was actually a island in a black map

  15. Hey one of my Friday night game was banned me out /hacked

  16. I joined a hacked gam, there was a hacker in that game and….. I got hacked for years and years

  17. Dinh Bao Chi ( I just upload for homework ) '~' says:

    I'm scared now

  18. Apocalypse rising was hacked in December 2021 too(I was playing with my friend when it was hacked, so I confirm)

  19. when u join meepcitey and if you play for so long u can heat lagfing an a nose and more one time i was playing with my frainds an i heard a nose i told them but they dint beleve me and now the brother start to hear it he told his brother he now start to hear it we went crasy and we left [took place at my home in meepcity}

  20. Coolkid want your group to be popular with hacks

  21. Ah yes I remember when work at a pizza place was hacked WHEN I WAS IN THAT SERVER

  22. on meepcity hack incident, the rabic letter says allah, muslims's god, which i am a muslim.

  23. Work at a pizza place was hacked before?! I'm scared i might encounter a hacker on there saying as i join that game daily…

  24. I am going to hack roblox games on the 1 of March beware >:(


  26. i was online for one of the top model hacks and i was just laughing so hard

  27. My little cousin: I wish I started playing Roblox in 2012, so there's no hackers, because I'm sCarEd oF jEnNa

    Me: should I tell her……..what…… happened………..in Roblox….. That year……

  28. I remember as a young kid i played these left 4 dead games. there was one time an exploiter did some inappropriate things and made the environment like hell. I didn't know what he was doing but as soon as i learned about it, i will never forget about it at all.

  29. Hello guys, I would like to add on the the list. Beach house role play. One time I was playing in around 2015, and everything turned into that creepy squidward. Not the normal one this like one with black eyes and blood. I’m not sure if there is footage but I know for sure, hacking was a big thing in that game.

    Edit: the texture was called, “red mist”

  30. 💀💀rip and piece pizza place💀💀

  31. I saw thing while playing the game that go hacker it's on sonic and I xan t remember

  32. The meteors in Robloxity sounded like a 3×3 square, here is the image:

  33. Is it just me or is the c00lkid incident are in most games

  34. There are sick,sick sick people in this world that think it is fun to…hack….possibly murder….kids

  35. Thank you so much for watching!
    If you would want to see a part 2 of this video, like the video then, because if this vid hits 10K likes, I will do a part 2 then


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