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► My Brother BANDI:

The blurred game got content deleted the day after i recorded lol


  1. my favorite moment "why I look like DUHHHHHHHHH??"

  2. bro I'm 11 and i have access to that type of game 🙁

  3. The hint of Dennis in jail just burns it into my skull that he bullied this one girl is crazy

  4. That AUGGHH at 0:05 sounded EXACTLY like the cop in subway surfers 😂😂😂

  5. What da resteraunt games name is it racist or soemthing

  6. Devs making their game 17+ is prob the worst thing you can do since about 5% of players arent lying about their age and they’re actually verified 17+

  7. There's 13+ games with more gore and all in all much better than these 😆

  8. Sketch your 25 years old your breaking the ios

  9. When sketch says I’m joking I say he is the joke

  10. Sketch, i have non 17+ game with blood and gore, game is called BLOODTIDE and yea 1st go settings to enable blood, BLOODTIDE is 13+ 🙂

  11. Third one is nothing compared to the gun games kids actually play

  12. the region that abyss is 17 is the anime pls watch it and u will know

  13. were famous for not so good things got me laughing up

  14. the fact that this exists and they banned Kandahar, Afghanistan ACS is just sad, they banned a really cool milsim game for no reason.

  15. I really need to know that outro song bro ✋😭

  16. Anyone Else Do Nothing To The Age And Auto set It To 1 yr old 😭😭😭

  17. Writings not that easy but Grammarly can help this sentence is grammatically correct but it's wordy and hard to read!

  18. How come the games i play are not 17+, they have gore

  19. I can't believe that sketch played flamingo's game without noticing 😮

  20. I've found adult friends on Kingdom Life. LOL

  21. wait ur brother is bandi? u sound exacly alike i thought u are bandi

  22. Anyone know whats the outro song lemme know ill edit this comment and put the name of the outro song so everyone can know about it

  23. bro i got 7 years until i am 17 I AM STILL WATCHIN THIS LOL (i bet it is fine)

  24. After a few days these bros switched. My account to 13+ to all ages

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