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Today im gonna show you 19 Games on Roblox that you need to play!
Thanks to everyone who suggested a game for this video!




  1. 0:10 Pyrite Adventure 20:17 Monster Mixers0:26 Generic Cooking Game0:36 Shadovia0:51 Buckshot Showdown0:58 Doodle Obby1:06 BAKE DA BABY1:15 Neighborhood Hangout1:29 Fishing Simulator1:39 Cabin Crew Simulator1:57 Bleeding Blades2:19 Shell Sock2:36 Draw a Blank2:46 Radiant Residents3:03 Together3:15 Ability Wars3:32 Big Foot3:57 Pear to Pairs4:16 Noob CrushersTHANK YOU BLOXVAULT FR ADDING MY SUGGESTed gAMEW BLOXVAULT IN THE COMMEnTS

  2. No more AI thumbnails?! (insert megamind picture here)

  3. What happended to the thumbnail? Its not as good as the older ones

  4. It’s so cool this video I played 18 of this games 😀

  5. sorry about the game i asked it got taken down you could try shadow of war ww2

  6. Another W video
    (Idk what to say lol, but good list of games)

  7. les goooooo! One more legendary video delivered to us, BloxVault really never disappoint us fr 🔥🔥

  8. i couldnt find the monster mixers game

  9. my Bro was going Speed Run with Game, this Funny lol

  10. Banger vid
    Pls make a vid on tales of tanario it is gonna release on 17th feb
    Btw is this your real or ai voice?

  11. I would recommend trying out arcane lineage
    Its a good rpg game

  12. Love how you didn’t use an AI thumbnail this time and still cooked the algorithm. 🔥🔥🔥

  13. This is a nice list! I also have 3 more games I recommend if you haven't tried them yet:

    1. Voxlblade
    An RPG game with a storyline and many weapons to fight different enemies. You can upgrade your skills as you progress to fight stronger monsters with powerful abilities.

    2. dingus
    A game where you are either a hider or a hunter. As a hider, you must complete tasks around the map while blending into the NPCs, while as a hunter, you must find and kill all the hiders; however, if you accidentally shoot an NPC, the first time you get temporarily blinded, and the second time you get eliminated.

    3. In Plain Sight 2
    A game where you are either a thief or a camera. As a thief, you must go around the map and steal as many items as possible before you must escape, and as a camera, you must shoot thieves with lasers before they have a chance to escape. There are different thieves and cameras that each have different abilities, and many NPCs stand around the map for thieves to blend in if necessary.

  14. unamed tag game is the most fun ive had in a game ever, best roblox game on the platform

  15. Nice list! I've played a couple of them (mostly Fishing Simulator), but i'd also wanna recommend my game, it's called "Monster Slayer", it's a game inspired in Vampire Survivors, Brotato, etc.

    I wanna spread the word about it. Up to you if you wanna give it a try, but if you like it, i would really appreciate appearing in the next list, even if it's for a couple of seconds 🙂

  16. Game suggestion:
    Guts & Blackpowder
    Blood & Iron

  17. Me after seeing the last game: i choose violence
    Also radient resident and abilty wars are cool games

  18. I played Pyrite adventure 2 and I gotta say it's so fun!

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