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20 Roblox FIGHTING Games to Play when You’re Bored

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Today we will see over 20 of the best (and maybe worst) Fighting or PVP games on ROBLOX! You will probably be surprised, but some of these games are genuinely underrated!

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  2. Man i think blox fruit is not that bad 😅😅😅

  3. Good thing @viberbread made that mobile games video cause the content for roblox mobile players is the most garbage trends in roblox and I can understand why developers rarely let mobile players join their game

  4. is there by any chance you gonna upload on the old channel? great vid btw

  5. im glad some of these underrated games [phighting and hours especially] are getting more recognision and i hope they grow past what they are currently!
    [keep in mind hours is finished meaning no more content will be added into the game anymore which was stated by the creator]

  6. You know one second is one thousand miliseconds right?
    Why does the second counter go up every 600 miliseconds?

  7. There's one game I always wait to see someone show this game too but it's not well known. It's called Skyrift, not sure if people heard or play it yet but it's worth trying

  8. Hey it’s me in the tumbnail:D phitghting is great you have multiple phigters support ranged melee Im glad you gave it a 7/10 for graphics and 8/10 for gameplay.

  9. the thing about HOURS and PHIGHTING is that their artstyles a bit different than what you normally expect from roblox and thus people have very varied opinions about their graphics (id give HOURS a 9/10 on graphics and PHIGHTING an 8/10 (space knights carries tbh (fractured space is good too but for some reason its just for phestivals so yeah)))

  10. Actually for me if u just lvl up to max it would be fun for fighting not gonna lie

  11. why every one forgot about critical strike??? Roblox Critical Strike is back, but no one talks about it.

  12. 3:50, I miss when ZO wasn't owned by the current dev team/company bc it felt like it had for less micro transactions
    7:38, I've 100%-d hours, and funnily enough back when exploits existed ppl were kind of supportive of possibly added modded "Host" if somebody could pull it, I would've tried but I wasn't into coding at the time, and even now I don't know LUA. I can safely say this game is one of if not the funnest games I've played on roblox.

    I heard the game may be coming to steam at some point, although, I haven't checked on the discord since 22' besides sending a message in the discord like once a year lol.

  13. You should have included undertale test place reborn, new secret thing 1 and 2, alternate battleground and ki battleground

    THAT GAME????
    THAT ONE???

  15. I wonder why phighting was put below 2 obviously cash grab games…
    A great insult indeed.

  16. I didn’t expect untitled boxing game to be in the video good job vibe

  17. THE PROBLEM IS HALF OF THESE NEVER FREAKING UPDATE THATS WHY NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THEM Like I have everything in hours whats the last time that game actually updated with content? Like 2 years???

  18. "criminality simulates how life looks like in florida" IM DEAD LOL

  19. 20 Fighting games ( text list).
    1. 0:40 RE:Infected
    2. 1:04 Criminality
    3. 1:21 Defend The Statue
    4. 1:44 Super Monkey
    5. 1:59 Anime Battle Arena (ABA)
    6. 2:20 Untitled Boxing Game (UBG)
    7. 2:45 Right 2 Fight
    8. 3:36 ZO
    9. 4:03 Item Asylum
    10. 4:17 Rampant
    11. 4:34 Bed Wars
    12. 4:54 Project Smash
    13. 5:12 The Strongest Battlegrounds (TSB) / Saitama Battlegrounds (SBG)
    14. 5:27 Phighting
    15. 5:47 Blade Ball
    16. 6:03 Blox Fruits
    17. 6:25 Ragdoll Universe
    18. 6:47 Combat Wariors (TOP 3!)
    19. Combat Initiation (TOP 2!)
    20: 7:32 HOURS (TOP 1!)
    Thanks for reading! (No one will care about this actually)

  20. 5:47 blade ball isnt a fightning game but still a good video tho 🎉

  21. Your not suppose to pvp in first your just supose to grin😂


  23. a really good game is mutation its very underrated its where u can fight against zombies with cool loadouts u can make builds a speed build a tank build or damage build its really fun u should give it a try.

  24. blade ball??? seriously??? I let bedwars slide but you have to be kidding me right now. My friend makes better games on scratch.

  25. Honestly I am surprised that games like Ghostly Manor and Stars Align Engine Demo have yet to be covered here, Ghostly Manor is basically Luigi’s Mansion and Stars Align is similar to Mario 64
    Edit: Tons of fun games come from this channel so ty for giving us these great games

  26. I highly recommend you show off caustic confines

  27. Do a vid about hellmet. Its made by the creator who made dummies vs noobs and its also connected to its lore ( its rn on open demo and you have 4 – 5 days to test it before it close for more content )

  28. Damn, i didn’t know people still remember Randall Mayhem

  29. I love item asylum 🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. customuse is actually bad… i don't wanna PAY to make a t-shirt…. and i can't make a true custom! really annoying, along with, how do i know i will be able to get shading?

  31. try dvn (dummies vs noobs)

  32. Final somebody dont call blox fruit the best game on roblox

  33. I’m still on the quest of finding a new video talking about critical strike 5

  34. Wait how do you rate graphics when you rate ragdoll universes graphics high and phightings medium?

  35. *19 fun Roblox fighting games and blox fruits too

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