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2021 Spring Roblox Anime Games In A Nutshell

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Intro Songs –
oshi – i carmacked bastille
Odece ~ Betrayal 2
oshi – think about it
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Opening 2 version 2 (Dio’s version)
JoJo: Vento Aureo Opening 1
Outro Songs
My Hero Academia – Stop Them With Full Power (Rifti Beats Trap Remix)
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  1. The hero ultimatum introduction had me laughing hard as hell

  2. You know what game that made me sad when it died was ro-force when it died I was sad 🙁

  3. Basically they’re all bandit beaters who rely on the same progression type because they keep tryna copy the anime and can’t come up with something creative.

  4. Not even a week ago my friend told me that anime unlimited died and I was si sas for him become all he did was grind the game

  5. Infernasu did you know reaper returned? and yes I KNEW YOU WERE PLAYING REAPER

  6. ill take realistic to balanced any day i want wats closest to the quirks harder to get jus make the an ,ake it so stat points have more value like enough health to not get one shot

  7. any fellow ut nerds/weebs notice the last breath sans phase 3 music

  8. they sold gods legacy to a server im in just reply if you want the discord link or whatever

    (they were trying to make the rpg mode but yea idk what happened)

  9. I know this is in no way related to the video but can you play king piece it’s a really good game and had a massive update a month ago and reworked a bunch of devil fruits and the leveling system is good because you level up real fast but yeah the map got reworked and they usually update every 2-3 months but make a lot of stuff in the updates

    I hope you read this

  10. I would have played ultimate finale but it was pay to play

  11. first anime unlimited was better than AU 2 imo the only problem was the m1 combat but i mean who wants to sit there m1ing all day when you got cool ass flashy attacks on the screen.

  12. When he said “this game is dog sh**” I started dying ✋💀

    Oh you should do a pat 2 maybe, if you can.

  13. 0:01 Music : An Enigmatic Encounter – Last Breath Sans Phase 3 Ost

  14. Infernasu:talking about how its going to be hard to fight one for all with eri
    Me:thats the thing,you dont

  15. Infernasu phase 3, "The slaughter continue"

  16. is the game out

    is the game out

  17. Hey infernasu if you would like a non Roblox game that is pretty good try vesteria

  18. look some of these games aren't the EQUIVALENT Of dog water, its just the developers they never actually play their game and there are so many lacking parts that just brought down the game in general, I can say some of these games are succesful but they aren't fun as a whole like for example a main factor in shindo life spinning, that isn't fun because you constantly sit there getting shafted and the spin animation is terribly wrong and there are other things but thats just one example, for gpo it's getting infinite comboed and constantly getting shafted and getting suKE 80 percent of the time and them not focusing on more common fruits making it more fun to get a "common fruit" and the rarity is what made it so terrible its the rates honestly, and the bandit beater grind its so lifeless a disappointment that a lot of games shaft one of their primary parts of the game, and that is the grind and that is mostly the reason why a lot of these games died I mean look there's nothing much to do in gpo its only a handful and thats why so many left apart from the shaft and the grind. all these games die because of one thing, boredom and they never really just play their game and decide "would this actually be fun?" and its why rob lox is so dry devs are just trying to chase the bag and trying to do this so their game can be popular they're not doing it because its a passion, or its fun and to make the bag you actually have to put in the effort in, and that doesn't mean wasting your time working on something to add and just focus on that one thing, nobody really cares about how good it looks if its as good looking as GPO they just want something fun.

  19. another thing is these games keep dying because of the developers never try to think out of the box and even if they do they don't even play their game or listen to their community and its just something that had potential, but they wanted to half *ss it or call it a day just because they made enough money and they're tired of working. Now doesn't mean listening to your community is always the right thing.


  21. bro do any of yall know of an anime game on roblox that's fun to play and doesn't have a gacha system?

  22. Zeno Online kinda dead but I hope they make it more better.

  23. to be honest ill just make my own hxh game if theres gonna be no more hxh games

  24. Era of althea was one of the games that I grinded a lot too..

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