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In this video I decided to play even more scary Roblox Games! And they’re extra scary this time. (#><)

Here are all the Roblox Games I played:


These are the songs I used in this video (in order):
Yume Nikki – Puddle World
LSD: Dream Emulator – Bright Moon Cottage Ambient B
Silent Hill 2 – The Forest Trail


  1. Try play no player online

  2. I played a game doors Aperiophobia and Nico nextbots and nicos testing that’s all

  3. I'm watching this at 00:45 BST in a pitch black area and the intro already kills me.

  4. Fortnight battle pass…. I just shi* Out man a** Pulled up my pc cus I need need to get fortnight battle pass

  5. Ok I will not tell no body I make secrets in my head I keep them in my head

  6. Have you played Jude??It's rlly scary, almost threw my phone away

  7. him: YAY I HAVE 1K SUBS

  8. well exorcism isn't when the devil takes over your body, exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons, jinns, or other malevolent spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that is believed to be possessed.[1] Depending on the spiritual beliefs of the exorcist, this may be done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power. The practice is ancient and part of the belief system of many cultures and religions. (check wikipedia for more information)

  9. I Just shit myself with the start of the vídeo

  10. In Japan you should clap, clap, bow, cut. maybe-

  11. thumbnail be like: I can see you.
    we also can

  12. the survey is an copy of an exsiting game , but keep op thr good work

  13. i think it meant the 3rd circle of H E double hockeysticks when the monster said "Above most, below few, the third."

  14. i think theres a game i know its a one andd scary its a phobia about fear of smiles i can't rememer the name it's a long one

  15. Do not tell anyone about this video.

    46,068 people: yes

  16. 3 scary roblox games. Huh that’s sounds familiar. Oh wait. 3 scary games from markiplier.

  17. idk if you played this or not, but if you didnt can you play apeirophobia

  18. the thing about the survey is that someones light went out when they were streaming the survey after they said yes that they aren't scared of the dark

  19. There was this horror game on rob lox I played and it was called pig head, so you teleport in a maze there’s gonna be a creature that has a pig head but I think the game has got deleted from Roblox is a horror game though and if you hear a noise is it means you’re near the creature and the creature is super fast but I Think Roblox deleted the game or maybe the people or the owner of the game changed the name of the game that’s all I know

  20. Idk if u tried this yet. I’m new to your channel. But have you tried doors?

  21. Can You Playboy start the survey she same but start the survey ITS Nice game?!

  22. Innyume deluxe or Visiosubrideophobia. Amazing videos man!

  23. Say this in the replies: ☆¤《》♡●■◇♧♤▪︎•○¡¿

  24. The Survey gave me anxiety when i played it lol, i lowered my blinds, closed my door and tucked my feet under the blanket lol

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