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30 ROBLOX games to play when you’re BORED!!! *2021*

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30 ROBLOX games to play when you’re BORED!!! *2021*

Yet again I procrastinated for too long so I was forced to edit thi whole video IN ONE DAY ASJDAHDAHW-

About: this video is all about the best 30 roblox games to play when you’re bored in roblox!! Have you ever felt like Roblox wasn’t the same anymore, like everything isn’t fun anymore? Well then I gotchu!! These 30 roblox games has actually cured my boredom in roblox cause all the popular games were just not for me lol- Especially during 2020-2021 (aka quarantine and lockdown)

☆ 0:00​ Intro
☆ 0:41​ Speed Run 4
☆ 0:59 Teaful’s Library
☆ 1:17 RoBeats!
☆ 1:36 Ro-Saber
☆ 1:55 Hole In The Wall
☆ 2:13 Hide and Seek Extreme
☆ 2:31 BGC New Orleans (Roleplay)
☆ 2:49 Amazon Box
☆ 3:08 Word Bomb
☆ 3:27 The Kinetic Abilities
☆ 3:45 Eviction Notice
☆ 4:03 Clear Skies Over Milwaukee
☆ 4:22 Strucid
☆ 4:40 Cursed Islands
☆ 4:59 Epic Minigames
☆ 5:17 Escape The Shopping Center Obby Supermarket
☆ 5:36 De Pride Isle Sanatorium
☆ 5:54 Lag Test 2020
☆ 6:12 Natural Disaster Survival
☆ 6:31 Work at a Pizza Place
☆ 6:49 RO-Wizard
☆ 7:09 Dance Moms ALDC Studios
☆ 7:27 Flicker
☆ 7:46 Break In (Story)
☆ 8:04 Murder Mystery 2
☆ 8:23 Breaking Point
☆ 8:41 Build A Boat For Treasure
☆ 8:59 Jailbreak
☆ 9:18 Piggy
☆ 9:36 Adopt Me
☆ 9:55​ Outro

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☆ Clear Skies Over Milwaukee →
☆ Strucid →
☆ Cursed Islands →
☆ Epic Minigames →
☆ Escape The Shopping Center Obby Supermarket →
☆ De Pride Isle Sanatorium →
☆ Lag Test 2020 →
☆ Natural Disaster Survival →
☆ Work at a Pizza Place →
☆ RO-Wizard →
☆ Dance Moms – ALDC Studio →
☆ Flicker →
☆ Break In (Story) →
☆ Murder Mystery 2 →
☆ Breaking Point →
☆ Build A Boat For Treasure →
☆ Jailbreak →
☆ Piggy →

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  1. Every player who has been playing for a long time knows speed run 4 if you don't you been living under a rock

  2. half of these games were basically my childhood-

  3. howeverer she is good at edeting wow im imprese wow

  4. when all the games on the vid u played before

    old roblox games are the best

  5. if u guys played all these games theres a game like hide n seek but u hide from fruit and if u get cuaght u turn into the fruit and i think its called nut productions or somthing but u can find it by going to the group u can find the group if u find the captian under pants obby i think

  6. I recommend flicker so muchh!! It so cool!! I love the gui, flicker and characters!!

  7. There are such good recommendations, thank u sm xo

  8. i didnt expect to see a roblox video in 4k today

  9. thank you!
    im trying to stay up all night so im gonna play all of them yas

  10. Can you do a top 30 anime games to play in roblox when your boerd


  12. Teaful’s library is just, M 🤌🏻🤌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I love the books there and the originality is just amazing like, I’ve been there for 5 hours straight at a time. It’s sooooooo good.

  13. In my opinion flicker was so much better before they added all the roles. I liked it when it was just psychic, murderer, twins, innocent, and baker (I think its called).

  14. Tip: use the comments to write what u need to copy-paste 🙂

  15. How do u do ur intros? It’s… a- …. AMAZINGLY PLEASING 😫✋🏻

    My real name is suzie from peppa pig ….

    More like pepper pig 😜

    Beautiful earthworm sally, very bootiful

    If my boots have fur… it’s warm 😳

    If ur in danger, can u pls call someone to halp ur bootiful life like omg don’t die

    I write a lot

    This is facts

    True ones

    You’ll hate them when it sounds like hate but it really isn’t.

    Ik u never asked

    I’m telling or predicting what y’all will reply with : stop hating, yay , LOL U SAVES MY LIFE , get banned kid
    Mmm, Cool replies!!!

    Here’s a long note …

    Mirror mirror mirror mirror sat on the wall , like im the coolest kid of e”m all, but the girl with the hair better beware cause , everywhere she be imma be there like, HELLO MY NAME IS SUZIE, ITS SUZIE WITH A Z. ITS NOT JUST SUZIE, ORIGINALITY, AND MY MOM SAYS THAT , I WILL BE THE BEST, … like the tik tok song i heard? Because I’m suzie sheep 😎😎😎😎🥸🥸🥸🥸
    Right? Isn’t this a beautiful note that’s so long, I feel ur pain turning into happiness….. happily leave after a few more facts about me and this beautiful earthworm.


    Here is the last note


  16. Here are some of my favorite games
    Entry Point
    LUCKY BLOCKS Battlegrounds
    Age of Heroes

    Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

    The Wild West

    Script Fighting Ultimate


    If you can find other games like this I would Sub to you
    If you cant tell I like playing fighting games
    In every single of those games, you can fight
    but you can't fight in parkour you can race in it

  17. Most of the games were i was playing all the time and my favorite's!👁️👄👁️💅

  18. thank you so much <3 now i have games to spend my time in !

  19. If your bored play Rise of Nations, it passes the time well.

  20. I love how you didn’t really do any MAIN games, a lot of people just put ToH, Adopt Me etc. Like, no I want new games, and that’s what you gave me. Thank you <3 New subscriber 😀

  21. Work at pizza place was the first ever game I played in roblox 2017

  22. Ty for this! Ive recently only been playing mm2 since there's nothing rlly interesting on roblox anymore, ty!

  23. About de pride isle. This game is based off Chrsitian believs. You have 5 stages of cannibalism, 1st one is your hand shaking and etc. Also The Sisters can turn back u to normal or drink holy water. Every night there is a purge where cannibals attack rooms and eat people. GL lmao

  24. i love how you have an aesthetic acc with ur avatar and username in roblox lol

  25. I read the horror story ones and it was amazing

  26. what editing app do u use? im very curious.

  27. Thanks, this rlly helps when I’m bored 👍


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