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Today we are playing 4 strange Roblox games that I found.
The games are Piggy, YuB Adventure Demo, Skate Park, and Super Fun Parkour Obby.
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  1. you sould play nps are becomeing smart

  2. YuB. Me monkey monkey. I am the real monkey time for you to die yuB. Oh no! Monkey.* pulls out gun shoots yuB* yuB. Dead that’s a story about yuB dies

  3. Oh my God friend me in roblox please please please

  4. Try out this game on Roblox called Smile but the letters look sussy

  5. i mean piggy is not a weird game so LOL 😂

  6. 7:00 – “𝓘𝓘𝓘𝓘'𝓜 𝓕𝓘𝓝𝓔!“ * Causally chills on head *

  7. Piggy is like granny but instead the killers are peppa pig characters. They are diffrent as you see from the eyes.

  8. Hey yub so piggy is a story game i know it not scary but it good unlike granny it have a story drama action and bloodshed!!!

  9. Look, yub there is a line and we do not cross it.

    playing 4 games instead of 3 is crossing far that line

  10. Tommyinnit he protect he attack but most importantly he jump in n the Cadillac jump in the Cadillac he I re l on let's put some miles on it

  11. play npcs are becoming smart by groovydominoes52

  12. My boblocc skin IZ VERI GOOD:DDDDDDD


  13. Yub: can I hide in the trash
    Also Yub: what do you push if you are trash

  14. To find weird games just search something and then scroll reeeeeealy far down. Some of them will be fake but most will just be really strange. Hope this helps! 🙂

  15. roblox skating is pretty buggy but its still fun for me it used to be better

  16. Piggy is the best I literally beat all book 1

  17. I really think you should play Forget your friends birthday it’s kind of like a snack at four game except they made a true ending chapter 2 and chapter 1

  18. Hey yub I love your videos and in Roblox you should try a game called survive peaches In area 51 it so funny and not scary or loud at all haha

  19. you press o to go 3rd person and i to go first person

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