40+ ROBLOX Games To Play When You're Bored | Scarlettio - pixelbladegames.com

40+ ROBLOX Games To Play When You’re Bored | Scarlettio

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⤷ 40+ roblox games to play when you are bored!

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I upload every Saturday and sometimes Wednesday!

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  1. When your a Roblox Addict so you’ve played all of those games.

  2. I can't play Royal high bc it's canna glitch me out but I still canna do the other

  3. Is it normal I have played all of these but I’m still very bored

  4. i just see when i play tower of elimation its so fun and dont get bored try it if it dont work well i fail;-;

  5. Whats the music you put in this vid i like it alot

  6. Imagine you get bored in the games you told us to play when we are not bord-

  7. Are you ready for Mad City chapter 2 update to come out?

  8. •αℓεεรყα εƶωเɳツ✿ says:

    Design it and Home design battle is good

  9. "tower of hell"

    Yeah right throw the tablet across the room

  10. what device do you play on? So I can find out which is best for me to play roblox on

  11. When I play adopt me and royale high (cant spell) I just get bored while playing it

  12. I never find any new games cuz either because they dont interest me or i have played them before but lost my old account now im too deppresed to replay them again because i worked way too hard on them


  14. So you play dungeon quest can I help lvl you up

  15. Me watching even tho it every game i got bored of

  16. I really want to play royale high but is so laggy 🙁

  17. Hi plss follow me on Roblox NEESHA_SHEIYLEIGH

  18. One royale high is too boring for me cause I glitch and lag same for outlasted so bruh..

  19. I used to play death run all the time but I remember last time I played it there was only like 40 people altogether playing the game

  20. Tower of hell and royal high its worst for me you wanna know why? First tower of hell keeping me stress and want to throw my phone away. Royal high keeping lag glitching. I know this is a game when you boring. Now bye


  22. Thank you, but intro is bad. The butterfly doesn't even have an animation

  23. Can you make a giveaway? I dont have robux, i want to customize my avatar but i dont have money to buy robux. Pls make a giveaway ill be so happy if i get

  24. Thank you roblox needs to fix the algorithm, it's always recommending the games you already play or the same 12 anime fighting simulations.

  25. BRUH, 60% of the Game REQUIRE high level pc

  26. What is this called like "its a speedrun but its diffrent" what name is that?

  27. I disagree with Adopt Me. Adopt Me gets boring very quickly. It has become a pet trading simulation game, compared to when it used to be about roleplaying, adopting babies and designing houses. All people do nowadays is trade for pets, save for new eggs, make neons and flex it towards other players. In addition, there are so many gamepass pets or pets that cost Robux, which is highly annoying for people who don't have any Robux. The game also doesn't have much detailed updates. It's true that it may update a lot. However, most updates are just about them making money off of players purchasing their Robux pets or pet outfits which does get boring.

    I now mostly play these games: Royale High (my favorite game ever since I started Roblox), Roblox Talent Show, Flee the Facility, Welcome to Bloxburg, Epic Minigames, Flood Escape and its variants and sometimes Murder Mystery 2.

  28. I'm not 40- but I still play it when I'm bored

  29. I always play toh when im bored but i end up rage wuitting somethinws

  30. Even BEE SWARM SIMULATOR is cool! Try it 🙂

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