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40 ROBLOX Games to Play when You’re Bored

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Today I am showing you 40 ROBLOX Games that are GUARANTEED to cure your boredom! Perfect games to play even if you’re alone, or if you have your friends with you!

No links, sorry folks 😭

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  1. sno day and eg are made by same creator but the creator died

  2. I have to recommend item asylum it’s a multiplayer game with many items varying from a plastic bottle to a goddam moon it’s a fun game with friends in a private server and can get competitive at times

  3. Vesteria is EXTREMELY underrated. You should really try it.

  4. I’d like to add Isolator, Nullxiety and Nullwork. They are INSANE games with insane quality and all by the same group/creator. It used to be decently popular but now averages about 2 players daily per game

  5. Tower defense games arent bad to try out they can be fun

  6. why no Radiant Residents this is 60 second but multi

  7. FINALLY someone actually mentioned jtts its so underrated

  8. bro called evade nico's next bots💀

  9. I love Robot 64, it's a platformer game based off Mario 64

  10. If you're seriously bored and searching for a challenge i recommend trying Fantastic Frontier out
    It's the best RPG game out there

  11. Some other great shooters are Phantom Forces, Merc Fleet, and Airship Assault

  12. Didn't expect to see industrialist on here! Can confirm, its an amazing game

  13. Can somebody send me link to rooms and doors?

  14. finally a video that doesn’t take 30 minutes just to state the obvious

  15. as someone who plays rooms and doors, here are some games that are similar to it:
    interminable rooms
    rooms low detailed
    rooms fixed expanded

  16. THere's over 10 million experiences on Roblox. that's right! Over 100 Unique games!

  17. Finally, a YouTuber with a good taste on games

    Also there are 2 cool rpg games:
    Shadovis RPG and The Legendary Swords

  18. Ready 2 die is not that great of a game when you're bored. Its SUPER grindy, takes forever to get anything even remotely close to good, and insanely P2W

  19. ¿si los juegos de roblox tuvieran receña como los juego de la app store que juego y que receña le podrias y porque?

  20. thanks for recommending me some good games to cure my boredom for a while

    new sub

  21. I would seriously recommend Arcane Odyssey, Voxlblade, Demolition Crew, Make a Cake, Super Doomspire, and Super Bomb Survival.

    Arcane Odyssey is probably one of the most RPG games of all time, based off a series of previous games. It has loose inspiration from One Piece but goes beyond that with so much freedom on customization. There are many kinds of builds for magic or other things, great exploration to get addicted to, and tons of content. The quality is awesome and to standard and the lore hits HARD.
    Voxlblade is an RPG, though very grindy and confusing, is very fun. You get a multitude of sword customizations and combinations and get to explore a fairly big map with many unique enemies. The only issue is how tedious it is to max out a build, changing a build, and acquiring drops.
    Demolition Crew is a satisfying game that involves you breaking down buildings and unlocking new and cool tools to mess around with. There are many silly memes and references and lots of things to get. Unfortunately its playercount is absurdly low. This game, and Make A Cake are made by the same team. Make a cake is more popular but similar in memes and tools but also has a funny twist on all things cake related. If you explore enough, you can find some neat creations, obbies, secrets and cake creations. These two games are very unique and original.
    Super Doomspire is better Doomspire Brick battle with a variety of gamemodes that aren't always 4 teams and an abundance of maps to choose from. The is a bunch of gear to choose from, some are skins and others have unique stats and abilities. For instance you will always have a Sword, Rocket Launcher, Superball, Bomb, and Trowel. There are many unique and funny things to buy. For instance a katana will be different from a greatsword, have better deflecting capabilities or special skills. This is mainly a round based pvp game.
    Super Bomb Survival. This is literally an artificial disaster survival. Bombs of all kinds fall down, like regular bombs, coin bombs, homing missiles, black hole bombs, and even nukes rain from the skies upon the map, which there are many to choose from. You just have to dodge and stay alive. There are coins and powerups to help you, like shields and pizzas. Occasionally you can have events which add more elements of disaster to the game. Best of all you can buy a Passive and an Ability, and there are many to choose from. Most of them are cool or just flashy, and few are useless. There's a difficulty level and if you don't like it, there's also a number of game modes to choose from.

    Many of these games are underrated and as a result have lost attention from their devs. Let us revive them and bring the spotlight to the things that rightfully deserve it!


  23. I tried the angel journey to the sun I got to the last sacred flame thx that was fun


  25. This is one of the very few “top Roblox games” videos that actually show good games, I found a lot of games I wanna try, ty.

  26. Another game that is really well made is the platformer: “Robot 64”, its based on mario 64 and it’s great

  27. I’m going to try the games rn

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