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9 Most Realistic Roblox Games

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In this video I will be showing you the 9 Most Realistic Roblox Games to Play in 2020.
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  1. Bro my pc started sounding like a helicopter it literally flying

  2. you can make games more realistic with shaders

  3. Bruh my xbox series s has 120fps on all games dude I love this console so much

  4. This is how to turn your computer into a airplane

  5. les quatre jardins: this is a map for something… 18+

  6. Those games are lagging in pc imagine if you play in mobile.

  7. OMG i just started playin one of the games and a fog came in I closed windows cuz Iam in Lahore (Smog Worlds polluted city) but dosent work pls help

  8. When I played these games my pc sounded like a sperm whale

  9. "it really is breath taking"

    Pc taking its last breath : I agree

  10. I play these games on xbox series s its very good

  11. my pc was so hot it increased the hotness in the world

  12. you should add a game called dinosaur world mobile

  13. My PC blew up cause it can't handle realistic games idky it's sad cause I need 2,000 dollars

  14. Me: time to play this game * joins the game in roblox *
    My roblox graphics: helicopter,helicopter
    Idk if i copy someone comment

  15. Alternative Title : 9 Game that crash your PC instantly

  16. everyone saying their laptop is being a plane. my phone is BURNING but my phone is still runnig

  17. These games just scream how unoptimized roblox's engine is, low frame rate with a gpu usage that can't even break 50% or more is just dog water.

  18. My pc sounds like goku is going to come out of it

  19. Today i am playing Minecraft using bsl shaders but when i see my fps my fps is 1🌚

  20. the detroit rp is so realistic that your pc is lagging

  21. My mobile portable Tablet with intel Xeon is kind of hot as a desert right how

  22. My pc sounded like a plane and started flying

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