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A One Piece Game Roblox: Becoming GEAR 4 LUFFY In One Video…

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A One Piece Game Roblox: Becoming GEAR 4 LUFFY In One Video…

We go become Gear Four Luffy in A One Piece Game Roblox or A 0ne Piece Game Roblox (AOPG). This is one of my a one piece game noob to pro videos in roblox one piece! To become Gear 4 Luffy, we have to get the rubber fruit/ gum fruit, get the straw hat, gear 2nd, conquerors haki and gear four!

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  1. So you can only get gum from the gacha?

  2. :me wonderin why he give fruit back from trade: bro i got rubber and hat for FREE

  3. you know i cheked your vide and strat playing roblox and aopg

  4. I killed him 1 time and got gear 2 with the hat

  5. Are you a ginger ?
    Cause your reactions are soulless

  6. I deleted tik tok as a joke it’s still deleted says:

    Omg I didn’t know rubber was mythical cause someone gave it to me for free

  7. bruh im stuck with dragon and my friend is always like this what fruits hmmm

  8. you are lucky with gear 2 It is taking me months and counting

  9. Why was it more easy to get coq haki in 4 try and I still don’t have gear 4

  10. Can we be freinds and can you make a video on how to buy it bc I don’t under stand

    Soon please

    Bro reiply please

  11. I am dumd i found the button 🙂 Tysm

    Can I have some robux for I can buy it I don’t wanna beg I really don’t why I am asking but can I have some and tysm you anser me when I needed help thanks have a great day and year

  12. Ozqob I sent you a freind request Can you accept it pls and can you slide me robux for g4 :😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 you must reply !!!!!! Can I just have 3900 robux for g4 and Tysm for your help if you do this it would mean a lot to me I’ve never got robux from a YouTuber I won’t ask ever if you help me out on this 😊😊😊😊 I love your hard work and you video

    NOTE: I will send this to your newest video

  13. Bro im so trash at this game that i wish there was a quest to get a free gomu gomu no mi

  14. Why your all of your video interesting

  15. It’s staged with the players he kidnapped em help em [this is fake]

  16. Bro actually grinded for literally 3 days to make a video, you earned a like, subscribe, and you got Someone to turn on notifications

  17. On average how many times do you think it will take to get gear 4

  18. I got gear 2 in 4 try and i got starw hat in like 10+

  19. Anyone willing to trade gear 4 for anything I will trade anything for it

  20. I literally have watched this video 10+ times..It is entertaining everytime!!
    I really appreciate your hard work..

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