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A Scammer Stole My Roblox Game… So I Stole It Back

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Once upon a time, I built a map for a Roblox game which ended up receiving over 7.8 million visits. Recently, I decided to check back in on it, and what I found wasn’t pretty. Something terrible had happened to it. Something so terrible, in fact, that I felt I had to take matters into my own hands. This is my story of how I discovered a malicious ring of Roblox scammers who stole the biggest Roblox game I ever contributed to, and how I fought back against them.

– Nitro Rap Battles (Gamepasses under Store tab):
– The 13-page Joriz rabbit hole document:
– -R3V3NG3-:


My Roblox joins are on if you wanna play sometime –

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shark says “hai :3”


  1. Give this man a medal for being an absolute detective Chad

  2. Luckily and hopefully Roblox moderation will work and Roblox will be able to ban alt accounts if they ban your main account. Which will be soon but Roblox moderation needs to be fixed.

  3. meteoristic probably wanted to make a new game so he just used popsicle simulator it as his starting place thing deleting it

  4. im scared of turning into a roblox game developer and just giving up on everything and transforming my games into cashgrabbing FREE ADMIN FREE VIP OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY FNAF BENDY POPPY PLAYTIME COCOMELON 💎💎

  5. I have my own alt army too (something about 25 accounts most of which I don't used even 3 times lol), but group army… which is all created for scamming and stealing map, groups and accounts… holy sh.. xD

  6. Bro was running an entire Cartel operation on Roblox.😂

  7. Bro was running an entire Cartel operation on Roblox.😂

  8. i barely watched 2 seconds when im saying this and the video is so good i forgot what it aws actually about so interested on what you were talking about

  9. lion man he did something that will end him

  10. Lmao my accounts are there. Good work kid.

  11. ur prob not gonna see this but i got scammed and found out another whole group of scammers, his main is legendaryflash5 i wont stop until i see him burn i will comment on every video until he is gone

  12. Nitrolord is the only guy who steals things back.

  13. I red the entire joriz rabbit hole document.

    Out loud.

  14. "Lua is hellish" have you tried c++

    I dont recomend

  15. Popsickletimmy said in chat scp tato omgggg the meme it’s back!

  16. Bro how many times this has been RECOMMENDED TO ME.

  17. i like how he put the 🤢 emoji around kelogish bc he fuckin deserves it

  18. u. n. d. e. r. r. a. t. e. d. n.o.c.a.p.

  19. Bro I cant believe zephyr the owner of rpg sim my fav game was on the dev team lol

  20. Roblox did an update that makes it so that if you get warned/banned, your alts get banned with you.

    Joriz must be crying rn LOL

  21. Playing ur game rn Nitro RB and I remembered the original. I used to love that lobby and minigames within it. Thanks for releasing it mate

  22. Why don't you use the wayback machine to see the previous group owners and see if the aligations of him stealing accounts are true.

  23. Great video! Also speaking of hiring for builder or whatever I have a horror game im making and i need help on the map and stuff!

  24. Bro has found the plan of Roblox dominance bro has found the Illuminati of Roblox spams. Mans just better mans just smarter frfr

  25. Ooh, get back time for him, but imagine the scammer tryna steal it again

  26. I played one of those game and become the last player
    The game was so easy and not pay2 win

  27. A 40 minute video with good editing buddy you earned urself a sub

  28. I want the link to the group claiming game-

  29. He will never has as many alts as me >:) i am the king of useless alts i made when i was 8!!! Nobody can ever match my probably over 100 alts that were made in a 6 year period MUHAHHAA

  30. Bro has more alts than I had making when I was nine because I forgot my password in 2017

  31. feel like joriz is filipino because of 18:17 where one of his alts is named "buraotaddmen" and buraot is a filipino slang lmao

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