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Abandoned Roblox Games

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old roblox games from 2007-2009 but they are all abandoned meaning they havent been updated in many years.. Enjoy!!!!!!

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if you’re one of the cool people who reads descriptions, thanks for being here! comment down below what your favorite game from this video was ☻

Abandoned Roblox Games #roblox


  1. 11:40 Back then we had the green circle always showing where was our cursor so it was easy.

  2. This takes me back to my old account Rambo123/rambo123 couldn’t remember if it was lowercase or not. 2007 seems like awhile ago.

  3. I miss when roblox was about fun and not money

  4. as someone who actively played when most of these games were popular, i can tell you the reason why everything was misspelled and shit was because not only was the age demographic slightly younger, but it seems kids nowadays are generally better educated than just 10-15 years ago. probably because of technological advancements but who knows

  5. Jokes aside, EB Games has shut down, at least in Canada

  6. Roblox's golden age, Of course there were bad things before, But it's not like today.

  7. the elephant hotel luckily still has some players!

  8. theres something kind of eerie seeing all these dead games which were once vibrant and full of life, makes you wonder where all those players are now,

  9. This actually reminds me of you, a more recent event, a hurricane simulation that game has been dead for around two years it used to be one of my favorites

  10. Remaining u bought this account on Roblox and u own YouTube

  11. The game's so old my tablet won't work so I sent it to Ohio

  12. There's something soothing about seeing these old places and just walking around where so many different people had a simple fun time as kids

  13. “Hey guys, welcome to your daily does of roblox”

  14. whats the name of the song on the outro??

  15. alot of these old obby's are now defunct due to a majority of them being built around using one particular exploit to complete a certain level. and since about 90% of all known exploits in Roblox are patched, that means that the only obby games worth playing are ones that still get updated to fix or remove any given level when the exploit needed for it is patched.

  16. Back then, that impossible obby was probably absolute hell because of the physics of old roblox

  17. The first experience was updated "23 minutes ago"

  18. I played the first obby, and some zombies are death, after the years and years…

  19. That LIFE game was like a level of the backrooms 🤔

  20. Only remainings can run himself over eith he own car while it’s stationary

  21. As a pro roblox historian people I can confirm that roblox players do not know how to spell obsticale coarse (I play roblox btw)

  22. Im currently having strep and my throat hurts you currently made me feel better

  23. I remember the first game i played in 2014 it was a monster jam game I was big into it at the time and I played it again in 2023 and it was empty and a bunch of memories from when I was little I was in 3rd grade at the time and now I'm going to be a junior in highschool

  24. How the fuck did i tp from the fall guys video to this one lol i thought it was part of the video

  25. Im watching this on july 2nd 2023 and remainings chose july 2nd 2008 on the first one lol
    Cool coincidence, right?

  26. 🤣 1:25 That's my account from when I was 13-14 years old. This reminded me to check my roblox only to find it was compromised but got it back. Shout out for checking out my super old map which is now super broke too it appears.
    EDIT: No. No one is getting admin anymore lol

  27. Aeroplane sim is abandoned I saw a lot of people in it at one point now it has 0

  28. its so cool that some of these people are still active, for example CapeICe (c a p e L c e)

  29. Angone else remember the copyrighted Sponge infection game?

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