ALL of the BEST Upcoming Roblox Anime Games OF 2023 TIER LIST! -

ALL of the BEST Upcoming Roblox Anime Games OF 2023 TIER LIST!

revolver agz
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Unfortunately I didn’t have too much time before my holiday do include time stamps for you guys… BUT in the pinned comments the links to EVERY SINGLE GAME will be there in order for you guys to check out. Get you popcorn & enjoy the video

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  1. recommend me for all testing pls and thank you my son🤎🤎🤎

  2. Bro put Emblem Tales on B in the Thumbnail and thought i wouldnt notice

  3. Heroes united aint even an anime game bro💀. Even though its made by Anime ytbers it doesn't have a place on this list.

  4. Everything you said is facts your not like other youtubers like theres not one thing I disagree about its scary how much I can relate to what you say its like your reading my mind everything you said was on point and that's exactly why I subscribed your my fave roblox YouTuber

  5. I think pocket anime is first then holy war and then rell seas?

  6. Bro where is Anime tales u included games that hv barely any relation to anime. But neglected an anime game that actually shows some promise smh.

  7. 7:01 pls no i hope they keep work on anime showdown i am just got boring from anime battleground games in roblox but anime showdown help me a lot that give a point to anime battlegrounds even there is only 11 chars but still good combat with no infinite combat and 2v2 actually good they just need to remove choose the same char in the same team like joker they only do spam skills

  8. Really looking up for yaiba, based on the sneaks we got the game really looks skill based and that is awesome

  9. it good to see you be honest towards games for once rather then only giving positive feed back keep it up brother

  10. Aside from half of them being not anime games, that S tier lookin pretty stacked

    Not a fan of holy war X tho, that whole spin system looks aids and scummy, though that’s standard for anime games on roblox i guess 🙁

  11. So many devs fumbling the bag, when they could be making bank if they took the community serious.

  12. Being so honest don’t think holy war finna do too well it looks heavily monetised still gonna try it out tho

  13. Yooo that was my Nindo Story Thumbnail. W Easter egg 😂

  14. To be fair im really into pokemon but bot really alot of anmie but still want to play the pocket anime game but for now ima go watch some anime out there.
    (Do you guys have some anime you would recomand?)

  15. Pixel piece was ngl a failure and still somehow had 20k avg and dey trashy pvp system smh

  16. bro put heroes ultimatum in mid 😭its just the brain dead devs sellin rn. they have the best mha game in their hands and are doing nothing wit it

  17. It’s sad I didn’t see rain valley😭

  18. World trigger season 3 ended like last year around october btw you should check it up

  19. The Emblem tales one 💀
    Shift scammed us so he deserves it



  22. Bruuuhhh since when were this many games coming in 2023??? I only knew about voxlblade, arcane odessy, and bushido 🤨🤨🤨🥶🥶🥶😂😂😂

    Prayin these devs don't sell fr fr 🗿🗿🗿😤😤😤

  23. sad part is none of the higher end games will ever release besides for arcane odyssey (best one)

  24. There ain’t no way Nindon is releasing 2023. I would be shocked that they would be able to update shindo life and develop Rell seas and release nindon.

  25. nah pixel pieve deserve a lower tier than "Honestly MID", what a disappointing game

  26. The one game I've been playing nonstop is pilgrammed

  27. This is definitely one of the best tier lists out there

  28. Nah how can you justify putting holy scam x in "must" play when its literally shindo life 2 in other anime form? its spin war x … not to mention the horrible "rates" on getting things.. yuck dude

  29. You forgot Anime Tales one of the best if not the best game that is going to come out in 2023

  30. watch them add bloodlines to rell seas

  31. Nah that pice piss need its owne tier. That game is the sadest thing i have ever see

  32. I have major skill issue and can't do any combos so 99% of these games I can't play

  33. Arcane odyssey just released. Anime tales got delayed on the day of release. And rell seas coming soon

  34. Coloca anime legends atrás do seu jogo e uma ofensa

  35. You are honestly mid nindon is must play bro are you a fan of rellgames if you are not you are not good yt

  36. the thing with eternal piece was that it was honestly hype at first, but then he kept making random release dates to keep people interested and obviously didnt follow up on them. I remember one time it was supposed to release Dec 16th 2021. im not really that invested anymore

  37. bro why you have to do that to pixle piece i know the game sold on launch but really mid there working on it and they learn from there mistake and i think it at least in C or low b

  38. The only problem is: will they all be bandit beater?
    Project slayers had high hype until they found out it’s bandit beater, and that’s it
    Most bandit beater games, the most well made ones have an average of 800-2.6k active players, the low detailed bugged and common bandit beater simulators will either be dead or have the average 40-300 (vesteria and glue piece)
    Grand piece and blox fruit are however an exception, despite being all bandit beater and stuff, they have a gambling system, in which can be done in varius ways, such as black market, robux stuff, real currency stuff, you can put your account for sale by just having every single legendary and a few mythicals in blox fruits.
    Arcane odyssey has a bit less bandit beating but still grindy as heck, is only popular today because of the old community, who desired for the game to release, a lot of people who play AO are from arcane adventures OG, they usually defeat bosses with very ease, they know how to aim, use magic at the right time, and patience, not many are from outside, unless blox fruits mains trying to be ace and akainu cosplays.
    Rell seas has potential due to shinobi life, as they have a great combat mechanic to offer, and the game is not bandit beating as far as is my knowledge (i’ve autoclick punching the wood log to gain levels overnight), and that’s it
    Deepwoken is also an excellent example of a good game, mainly focused on pvp
    There is a game called fantastic frontier, it is the most grindy game in roblox (no level, no stats, just get a good armor and weapon) and despite not being updated for 3 years, it’s community is still alive, and there is always new people playing that game

  39. arcane odyssey and voxlblade deserve those spots but they aren't anime games arcane odyssey has the curses which are somewhat like devil fruits because of the inability to swim but that is it and voxlblade is its own concept

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