ANIME LEGENDS made a NEW roblox ANIME GAME... (they let me test it) -

ANIME LEGENDS made a NEW roblox ANIME GAME… (they let me test it)

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So the roblox Anime Legends Devs made a new Roblox Anime Game in which we were given a chance to play. This game is called Anime Warriors and lets just say, I’m very excited when these anime roblox games release.

Anime Roblox Games: Anime Warriors
Devs: Anime Legends, BlockZone, Anime Fight Simulator

Anime Warriors discord and game link isn’t public at the moment BUT I do have a release date… I will be posting it on my discord and all on my upcoming video!

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  1. LOL bro its not blockzone who made the game what the fuck

  2. guys can u tell me what i can play in roblox that makes fun

  3. I'm really happy Blockzone is making great games like this now unlike anime fighting sim where anyone can one shot you

  4. Are you Asian. I'm new to your channel and I'm Asian as well. 🤔
    U look like Asian though. Like one of my friends in school

  5. how come DBS Broly has DBZ broly hair and DBZ Broly moves?
    it's kinda… meh…

  6. Like why make a new game while ur making a game already?

  7. bro. they need to make a demon slayer game a cc one

  8. I give it 2-3 weeks after release before it dies out

  9. holy quack quack i just want it to be moblie

  10. For i sec i thought they let him test anime legends i was so hype

  11. kinda looks similar from one of my fav animes: Sword Art Online which i love soo muchh. and its going to be something like that?!! woooo im so hyped lol i kept tellin my sis. i begged her to give me her robux and she did! (504 robux)

  12. Who else thought he was playing anime legends

  13. to bad anime legends is canceled I was hyped for it but guess that plan did not work the good side is anime warriors is coming out this firday

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