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These are the best Roblox five nights at freddys games in all of 2022!

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2:57 Number 3
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5:26 Honorable Mentions
5:35 Honorable Mention 1
6:06 Honorable Mention 2
6:46 Honorable Mention 3
7:07 Number 1
8:56 Outro

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  1. Bro can you shout me out I really want you to shout meow I’ve been watching your channel since I was like four so please I really wanna shout out on your next video please please please

  2. Honorable mention 3 (in my opinion): Submarine Simulator.
    This game is obviously a FNaF fan game, but in Roblox. Basically it’s mechanics are kinda close to FNaF 3, but without audio and more simpler because it’s Roblox. Submarine Simulator is the best FNaF fan game I’ve ever played tbh

  3. The bad thing about tprr is the fact that the initializing thing

  4. Gallant, your videos have gotten me through a lot, your videos were here to cheer me up when one of my best friends accounts on roblox got banned, they cheered me up when i was grounded for a month, so thank you so much for creating these entertaining videos to cheer me up.

  5. Hey gallant check Freddy's ultimate roleplay….ONE OF tHE BEST GAMES!!

  6. People in roblox having the worst year and then everything goes perfect when Forgotten Memories came out.

  7. you should check out the new fredbear and friends 5 fnaf 1 gamepass
    that came out yesterday! It’s high quality

  8. Gallant accept my friend request on discord pleas

  9. FORGOTTEN MEMORIES is sometimes very random like when I die to Bonnie he is standing at the door after I just revived, so he is going to kill me over and over again. But it's still very good.

  10. i am now apart of your group, add me on roblox,

  11. Forgotten memories is just so realistic and its like it wasn't roblox anymore

  12. Hi gallant I've been a fan since 2018-2019 I still see you make more fnaf videos I'm really happy I found you cuz I lost you when 2020-2021

  13. Man I remember like years ago I would watch non stop and one day I stoped watching you but I found your account 😃😃

  14. I know you probably won’t see this but. I get nostalgic when I see you I loved and love your channel I feel happy when I see your channel. I watched your channel when I was younger and I’m glad I did because this was AMAZING if you can I hope you can see my comment cause I wanna show my support 😊stay strong and I hope you have a great day or week or month or year or decade !

  15. Being late to 2023 be like

  16. Sall Lucas😂😂😂😂😅😅🤣tean
    m găsit


    I'm honestly impressed by the amount alot of work that you put into these videos, Keep it up!💖

  18. Cannot believe ultimate random night wasn't here, came back in 2022 yet still extremely underrated

  19. Gallant abi bi videonda türkçe konuş lütfen

  20. Gallant Gaming! in FNAF: The Resurgence Cool update is out now take a look!

  21. Rip, FBMD Wasn't on here! :C
    Anyway's i'd like say i've been fan since some of your firs videos 😀 your content has improved so much! watching you brings so many childhood memories for me, thak you gallant gaming ! 😀

  22. I honestly think FNAF 1 but security breach deserved a mention here
    It’s really high quality and easy to play

  23. Forgotten Memory and Apierophobia are probably the most high quality roblox games I’ve ever played! (Ignoring the fact that Apierophobia keeps deleting my save)

  24. I somehow knew it was forgotten nights

  25. i remember from years ago in the fnaf minecraft roleplay foxy's kids had a friend named tangle

  26. Forgotten memories is sooooooooo gooddd bro my favorite fnaf game on Roblox

  27. Gosh gallant I’ve been searching for you everywhere I watched u in my childhood how was it?

  28. I was mad about tprr was not that far on the list and I noticed there were honorable mentions and tprr was 2nd😅

  29. Not me never hearing of "forgotten memories" 🫢

  30. Actually TPRR is really good but yeah forgetten memories is better(For me of course!)

  31. I beat Forgotten Memories 6×20 mode first try lol. Alone swell

  32. love how every year tprr gets into this list, at least 3 – 1 place

  33. I wish the days would come back the Pizzeria roleplay remastered she was beautiful Keep it up champ ❤️🙏😇

  34. By the way what’s your name in roblox?

  35. I please keep uploading I have Watched your channel on a guest account since the start

  36. Bro Combination of Our Favourite Childhood Games

  37. TPRR is trash. You have to pay coins for every animatronic, and you get like 1 coin per 4 hours. It's stupid

  38. I just hope for return to animatronica, they have a setting to turn off enemies

  39. wth why was fmr not on thre it should be first

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