Can I BREAK OUT OF PRISON!? Escape Siren Cop's Prison!! | Roblox -

Can I BREAK OUT OF PRISON!? Escape Siren Cop’s Prison!! | Roblox

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ROBLOX Escape Siren Cop’s Prison is a SCARY HORROR OBBY!! Will I escape the prison??
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  1. Think your such a blessing to the noodlers I love watching you no matter what time it is… u make me happy when I feel down. U make me frown when u are sad but what always makes me like your videos is because u inspire me, I have a dream to become a youtuber with lots of features and series… hope u still alive when I make it Think… I'll surely see you meet and greets. My name and my profile pic is what I want for my future vids EGX is going to be my Gamer name and wont show my identity right then and there. And my friends will be joining me too. Thanks for inspiring me Think… you'll always be my favorite gamer.

  2. I played the papas pizzaria it was really spooky and scary I bet siren cop is gonna be scarier for me.

    Also papa pizzaria and siren cop are 10/10

  3. think noodles yes I'm going all in! *think noodels *dies… BE RIGHT BACK GUYS 😀

  4. I use noodles to get robux and I didn't not get any robux

  5. love your vids by the way you pulled the lever to much so it was to far to jump on stage 7 bty

  6. You are the best Youtuber in the world! I will never stop watching your videos!

  7. Hint: The White Room Is Where Insane People Go The Food Is White Everything Is White In The White Room

  8. The funny thing is I played this one day before you posted it

  9. This remind me of the days when Dan did those Parker evil doctor maps

  10. You never play Obbythis is your first time

  11. Think make an army caled the NODEL ARMY

  12. See, you are funny start calling oodles. 😅😂😂

  13. Me and friend found it and it’s awesome

  14. I haven’t watched think in a long long long long looooooong time

  15. No the choice to me high country 69 roblox because I’ve everyone is 6090 roblox hundred 19,000

  16. Me: bruh I completed it 10 times it pretty ez

  17. I love you forever ever it’s because I want you to play adopt me

  18. I played this game but I was too scared😰

  19. Imagine a real cat breaking out of prison


  21. Please play little nightmares which is a game not in roblob but please play it.

  22. try "papa pizza's pizzeria" the creator is same and it is a scary obby! 😀

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