Can I Pull ENTIRE PLANETS In Roblox Strongman Simulator?! -

Can I Pull ENTIRE PLANETS In Roblox Strongman Simulator?!

Kindly Keyin
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Roblox (stylized as RŌBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Roblox Corporation. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world and design their own games. Games on Roblox can be scripted using a sandboxed edition of Lua to affect events that occur in-game and create different scenarios. The company’s main source of revenue comes from players buying Robux, the main virtual currency in the game, and from players buying “Builders Club” access, a status which gives virtual benefits to users.

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  1. actaully i play this game he is almost catching up to me i am is 5012

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  3. Who else is starting there weekend off with a bit of Keyin!? Amazing!

  4. You should try playing dark deception I would LOVE to see you play that! :))

  5. I was in a bit of a bad mood but this cheered me up :3 keep up the good work!

  6. hi keep making people happy because u r awesome

  7. ki keyin can i have a shoute out iv never had a shoutout i always use star code keyin

  8. “Can I pull entire planets
    Proceeds to show stars

  9. Again,awesome video as always!Keep 'em going!

  10. Kein pls play noob army tycoon SIM pls thank you

  11. i want to see more strongman simulator please

  12. These are my favorite games thanks For playing it agian

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