Can you guess this Roblox game? -

Can you guess this Roblox game?

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  1. i also originally thought it was jailbreak lol

  2. Karl is a filthy liar! You can make cars, planes, tanks and whatever you want in build a boat

  3. is the red guy from skibidi toilet the name is dom in 2023 some how he said sus and he killed the skibidi toilet

  4. can u give me 1k rubox i sub u and like ur video

  5. That is not boo shot!!!!!!😡😡😡😡
    That is Karl from mr.beast!!!!!😡😡😡😡

  6. What happend to Carl he used to be a gigga Chad now he's….. this

  7. Two of the BEST youtubers making a video TOGETHER I’m literally speechless I’m so HAPPY!!!!!!!

  8. People who where guessing Brookhaven

  9. Kreekcraft is going to get roasted by packgod

  10. Get this cringy Carl outta here
    Carl effect

  11. Does kreek know that karl is in mrbeats

  12. I did not know there was knifes in build a boat

  13. POV: hello my name is kreekcraft yo whats good hi!

  14. Who says you cannot drive cars in build a boat

  15. What did I read his mine I was thinking about babft but he picked babft lol😂😂😂 please pin me

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