Checking Out DEVELOPER Suggested Roblox JOJO Games! -

Checking Out DEVELOPER Suggested Roblox JOJO Games!

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Checking Out DEVELOPERS Suggested Roblox JOJO Games!

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  1. "A myself day"
    I already dislike the game cuz of the amount of ridiculousness of the name
    1. It is ridiculous, what does myself day means
    2. It doesnt even sound like a jojo game, very unmenancing
    3. Wtf

  2. You should play big ol stands

  3. ayo, Jojo Crusaders' Heaven get updated

  4. HW5567 can u play Sakura stand? is very cool but have alot bug…

  5. There is this YouTuber called Michael plays 05 I think it’s a kid he played your game and said it was very fun:P

  6. Go subscribe to Michael plays 05 just as a thanks for playing your game and btw I am not related to him

    or his friend I’m just a person who just watched his vids and I’m his 22 subscriber

  7. Play a game called "Stand Testing [In Testing]", it has actually good models and good mechanics/ animations (:

  8. hey play sansaku heaven its a cool game this comment probaly wont be seen

  9. The first jojo games looks like its inspired by AUT or just ripped them off

  10. Yes do switch cusr with some videos robot is beter and with some ur own voice

  11. The first game has the stand models of ABD

  12. "It started to lag a little"-my wifi everytime ima bought to fight somebody in yba,etc.

  13. the first game copyed like all of AUT kinda metorites give shards to give arrows and AUT metorites spawn and drop arrows the pvp mechanics shows the dmg effects just like aut

  14. Hww i have to inform you that in your previous n jojo video the guy in thumbnail is me and i never say that this is im leaving you put it on the thumbnail i was toxic that time and i didnt know that it was you i was your big fan

  15. Plot Twist: This vídeo Is Just showing what AUT Will Have when It realeses

  16. can u play a bootleg time hw its really good

  17. Hello, can i have fruit in bloxfruit that is better than rumble 🙁

  18. Can you give me dragon fruit this is my name in roblox shainrence

  19. HW play this game it nice but alot of bugs Trouble Standing Upright

  20. Can u play king legacy spinning 100 gems and if u get legendaey pls give me ahhahhahaha

  21. The ghost the world in the 2nd game reminds me of stand upright (I FORGOT THE NAME OF THAT THE WORLD) the nostalgia……

  22. Wow ur computer can withstand full graphics without lagging and seeing weird marks on the walls n floor bc of the high ping

  23. Do u Think The 1st Game is Stoling Stuff from aut?

  24. woah the 2nd game is a new iat modded? count me in

  25. The robot voice is just funny cuz how it pronounces things

  26. i hate your last game cause you got the stand from the admin and it's not fair

  27. I see AUT damage indicators in the first game, and the ABD GE model.

  28. AUT: wait me i will be there soon B)

  29. Hello , i'm the owner of the last game and i wanna explain why it sucks . first of all i made it long ago when i was new at scripting and 2nd there is a revamped non glitched version that exists and you can join it though the discord : 7hTn3UY . Thanks for making it tho but most people came to trash talk the game when i was trying to make people join my discord . still enjoy your vids ( if you are a player or HW himself like / pin this comment )

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