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today I play the Roblox game “obscure game finder” which is a really cool game that allows you to find unknown/hidden games on Roblox searching through player’s friends list and stuff.


  1. bassicly, decaying winter has a suicide animatoin (when you join the game you press 0 to suicide)

  2. i really missed these myth videos, this feels like a dream

  3. look closely in the player-list when flamingo was at the meat circus dog meat there was someone there

  4. I now love the roblox game meat circus one problem i cant tatse the dogs like here in china

    Iam legally allowed to make that joke

  5. So who’s gonna tell him the banned roblox staff member that he tried to “incriminate” was exposed recently which is why hes banned

  6. Pick 1: Albert goes back to making Myth videos | Albert goes back to making Life in paradise admin videos

  7. Love the fact that none of the little gifs in Furry Rave are Furry related. Rather, it's all just Touhou.

  8. Mrflimflam if you read this you are my comfort YouTuber cause I was crying to day cause I have to leave my mom for 2-3 months cause of the summer to be with my dad and when I got my tablet and put your video on you put a smile on my face and I hope others feel like your there comfort YouTuber too and I hope you reach 12M subs 🙂

  9. can we just take a moment to appreciate how he probably didnt know that touhou project was in this video

  10. i miss his old admin videos. him being a genocidal maniac hysterically laughing seeing others anguish in pain. the memories

  11. my favorite myth: Happy Town

    lol with the smiling people who execute the sad people

  12. if he is getting back into myths me and my friends stumbled across a user, TheRemainsOfTiran, but we got stuck on the second part of his game

  13. I remember a game I played vividly but not the name and it didn’t have many players/ plays and I’m so annoyed

  14. The only smile Albert has had when playing roblox is when he massively murders children in adopt a baby with admin commands.

  15. U know what's creepy I can look up crosswoods

  16. Anyone know what that first game he played was. scary one, S TERLV IS anyone have the link to it?

  17. you should play limbobbia… such a cool game, i don’t think the creator would like it being filmed and posted cause they don’t wanna be famous and they don’t want spoilers

  18. are roblox myth videos making a comeback? i would love to see that type of content from albert again

  19. Yay PLEASE do more myths videos like these these are really good just stay away from drama!

  20. Nice video i will destory anyone who hates flamingo

  21. funny how albert makes the most frivolous and non-serious content out of any roblox youtuber, yet he has the most mature comment section 💀 (excluding the bots)

  22. Seeing this video just makes me feel like im watching a chuck lloyd video all over again

  23. I burnt down a children’s hospital HhHehHhaahHaha

  24. Why is like very comment a paragraph 😭😭

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