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  1. the blood shooter game is literally using a thousand free bad gun systems lol

  2. Day 115 of asking corny to make a gore game

  3. Has corny played criminality yet?

  4. Play criminality 😡 (its a totally fun game)

  5. Man bad things of being popular is being stalker by players💀

  6. 287 days of supporting technic builder asking corny to shoot some guns IRL.

    1 day of asking corny to play fallen survival

  7. Yeah blood engine 2 is stolen that map and weapon system has been going no around Roblox for a while

  8. “Well corny you haven’t made a game before and you can’t insult them”

  9. I might have found the best gore game on Roblox and it’s called bloodful idk if it will be deleted or not but picture it in you head you shoot the npc in the head and his head rips apart and you can see his eyeballs and flesh and it’s all stringy

  10. 1st day of asking corny to play project smash

  11. 6:28 is a stolen game, but thats all i can say due to how convoluted the original dev's controversy led to his first four games being banned and the rest of em being uploaded hundreds of times over
    you just found one of many

  12. Day 1 of asking corny to play gunfight arena. (it has some pretty neat gun physics to me, but no gore.)

  13. Corny, i might have found the best roblox gore, ITS EXTREMELY GOOD! theres a new game called bloodful, its really gore, TRUST ME BRO, but like, its not really made for pvp, its more for testing some gore, in my opinion tho THE GORE IS TOO GOOD NO OTHER GAME HAS THIS KINDA GORE!

  14. Roblox Crashed while making this video😮😮

  15. Day 68 of asking corny to play Watch Dogs 2

  16. I want to play with the rock💀💀💀😭

  17. I found this game called bloodfull

  18. You should do another video on bloodgene

  19. day 3 of supporting technic of asking corny to shoot some guns IRL

  20. I just find the most bloodshed goal ever in Roblox type of bloodful

  21. Please update the best roblox gore games list

  22. 1:49 the molotov is stolen from a guy named mozzinty 💀💀💀

  23. why did you send to me dont play bad gore games?

  24. Day 3 of asking corny to play CRIMINALITY

  25. You are a lifesaver all I did was fell out the games and I did not get it so all I have to do is fill out blood

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