EVERY GOLDEN TOOL IN ISLANDS! *Are they worth it?* Roblox - pixelbladegames.com

EVERY GOLDEN TOOL IN ISLANDS! *Are they worth it?* Roblox

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  1. I would love to show a berry farm you could make that gives 200k every 7 min. 😀

  2. bro its called a sickle
    its even in the name

  3. just saying the golden slick thing is bacecaly a gilded steel slick thing and has a bit more range don’t ask me how i know as fandom

  4. Jessect can you please help me get money I’m poor And I lost my acc D:

  5. btw I have the golden sickle and the golden plow

  6. Normal doing Jesse
    Jesse using axe on grass thats normal😂😂

  7. It took me an hour after the update came out to get the trophy

  8. They do nothing the golden sickle has the same range as the glided sickle

  9. Ok so I got banned from roblox for a week and it’s for scamming? I met this annoying girl and she tries to roast me then I troll her and say press alt f4 on ur life for free robux and roblox says that I’m scamming lol

  10. The diamond sickle is the same range as the lucky one but the diamond one is faster i have tested it and diamond is more cheaper and soon the gold ones will drop also diamond picks up faster and better for afk berry farming with macro or conveyors

  11. POV: jesse being dumb so basically why am I calling him dumb because you see the wheat grow fast but starfruits are very slow so there that's why

  12. How about make the watering can last longer and grow faster and the plow get more range

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