EVERY GOLDEN TOOL IN ISLANDS! *Are they worth it?* Roblox - pixelbladegames.com

EVERY GOLDEN TOOL IN ISLANDS! *Are they worth it?* Roblox

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  1. Fun fact the word “short is longer than the word “long”

  2. please dont quit island because i love ur island videos its the best ill be sad if u dont make vid of it 🙁

  3. I think the golden water thing is for fertile flowers

  4. Not sucribing to mean you said not give back

  5. I feel like those golden are not worth it I think so idk plus I sub and like

  6. Jesse remember the flower farm well to get fertilized flower you need bees so that's how you can get them all like that and get rich

  7. the lucky sickle is worse then the diamond one

  8. Those who said you saying sickle wrong your dumb a syth is a sickle on a stick long stick and sickle is a blade in a short stick

  9. you said sickle correctly. its NOT a scythe (idk how to spell)

  10. can I be in your vid my username is ZombieGuyArg

  11. Maybe it more beautiful lol

  12. Jesse I don’t know who said to say it like that but u have been saying correct the entire time. It is sickle

  13. jesse:island woooooo
    dv: uhhh how to play i only play bedwars
    me:island fun kinda bored
    all ppl: :O

  14. jesse: tests the new sickle diamond sickle is better..
    New sickle: (trying to flex his gold) reality even the gilded sickle is better
    diamond sickle: I am always at the TOP cuz i am diamond 😉

  15. So I just bought everything for nothing
    Edits: i tested the lucky cleatus sickle and the diamond sickle and there th exact same ive tried this on my super long and big farm

  16. I say that tool same. You but Im not english to so

  17. all the festival items are only the reskin :/

  18. Jesse: do these need sunlight to grow or wat?
    me: do you know anything about plants Jesse i have a garden at home.

  19. How about make the watering can last longer and grow faster and the plow get more range

  20. POV: jesse being dumb so basically why am I calling him dumb because you see the wheat grow fast but starfruits are very slow so there that's why

  21. The diamond sickle is the same range as the lucky one but the diamond one is faster i have tested it and diamond is more cheaper and soon the gold ones will drop also diamond picks up faster and better for afk berry farming with macro or conveyors

  22. Ok so I got banned from roblox for a week and it’s for scamming? I met this annoying girl and she tries to roast me then I troll her and say press alt f4 on ur life for free robux and roblox says that I’m scamming lol

  23. They do nothing the golden sickle has the same range as the glided sickle

  24. It took me an hour after the update came out to get the trophy

  25. Normal doing Jesse
    Jesse using axe on grass thats normal😂😂

  26. btw I have the golden sickle and the golden plow

  27. Jessect can you please help me get money I’m poor And I lost my acc D:

  28. just saying the golden slick thing is bacecaly a gilded steel slick thing and has a bit more range don’t ask me how i know as fandom

  29. bro its called a sickle
    its even in the name

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