EVERY GOLDEN TOOL IN ISLANDS! *Are they worth it?* Roblox - pixelbladegames.com

EVERY GOLDEN TOOL IN ISLANDS! *Are they worth it?* Roblox

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  1. I was told on the discord that the sickle gives 20% chance more seed I have noticed I get alot more seeds when harvesting harvesting the golden sickle on my private island

  2. its not called a scythe its callled a sickle a scythe is whatt the grim reaper uses

  3. In minecraft dimand and iron are stronger the gold

  4. I havent got trophy yesterday cuz i can get trophy today i also got 6 chilli seed thought😎

  5. Im going to get the golden sickle,the trophy and a lot of chilli seed

  6. Im very sad because every time i log in island i crash

  7. You said it right the first time idk where these idiots are coming up with sith or whatever

  8. Islands: jesse… you dare underestimate my power idiot….
    Jesse: but ur stuff is useless idiot

  9. My isalnd got greefed and my STARFRUIT farm is gone my join code is 4AUWF

  10. Jessie all the golden tools are skins the diamond hook is better than the gold hook

  11. Jesse: I borrowed this tools

    Me: hehehe I have all

  12. I FOUND GLITCH!!! Hit tree at the base near grass with the diamond pic and you 3 shot it

  13. If u want to farm u need sunlight like torches sun every sun light

  14. The golden sickle is the same as the diamond one it just gives u more plus 1’s

  15. I had to get the plow because island took it away rip

  16. it really changed when i left islands but now I'm back

  17. Not worth it scam no luck it can't increase the chance of getting extra things

  18. The gold sickle is better than the gilded sickle but diamond sickle is still better than the gold sickle

  19. Does the range of golden sickle is farther than the diamond one cause the fact is diamond sickle is faster than golden sickle and golden sickle is equal to the speed of a stone or iron one

  20. how is it a scythe if it looks like a pirates hook

  21. I think the golden sickle is the most good tools of all the golden ones the other ones a useless

  22. Jesse sound like Thanos when he got all the golden tools

  23. I sat there for the countdown lol

  24. Jesse my mom told me that its my time to get hearth

  25. I dont want to buy the golden they do nothing so i always get the Chilli

  26. Thanks jesse for telling me that sicle and the trophy is the only thing worth grinding for the others are just for flex

  27. I have alot of grass so you can have some of mine: Deku01hero

  28. Jesse , DV .. the farming event is too laggy in Android and iOS devices it crashes most of the time and even when it doesn't crash the sickle decides to not work and even when the sickle works we can't use it while walking sometimes cause of the lag 🙁 plz fix

  29. Jesse, the lucky sickle is worse than diamond sickle. Less luck and less range

  30. jesse: waiting for seeds to grow
    seeds: keep waiting jesse 😉

  31. I want everyone to understand that the golden tools are just skin and not a special tool i suggest watching dv video aswell. It probably looks like its better but its all an illusion

  32. The golden tools is just the same as the normal one

  33. jesse i joined your discord server pls join the call

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