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Every Roblox Horror Game Ever…

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Today I play Roblox Frontpage Horror Game which is a parody Roblox game based on Roblox games like The Mimic and ones inspired by that


  1. 1:02 bro that’s my name 😂 but is it said how Albert first said it lol

  2. 2:33 wow a game that actually admits that you shoudnt have spent money on it!

  3. I loved when it screamed “yOu ArE aN iDiOt AHAHAHAHAAA” at him lol

  4. Bro when I played it after tha van bit he went next to me I said let’s watch flamingo play it shall we 😅😰

  5. pov: u haven’t watched flamingo since u were 12

  6. Frend me pLease please
    On rOBLOX by cateQ

  7. My question is how strong was that guys foot???

  8. hey Albert play apeirophobia it’s a horror game based off the backrooms

  9. When he said have a good sleep tonight or whatever I jist said "who said im going to sleep?"

  10. I know this was a month ago, but I'm autistic and if anyone wants to know about that computer virus YouAreAnIdiot/Offiz pls reply I beg

  11. Flamingo you should play Faith its a horror game too you should play it with like Temprist or somebody

  12. The Mimic is basically Identity Fraud with better graphics. There's nothing special about it.

  13. As much as I love horror games, it has to be more original so that's why I love parodies

  14. I really enjoy scary games but the cringey ones that sound like a creepy pasta are do cringey

  15. OMG!!! I hate roblox horror games because they have zero substance! They just throw you in a creepy setting with no exposition and put jumpscares in random places, and the style is always oddly family friendly and cartoony.

    I miss Zeekerss, he made the best horror games. Light Bulb and Silent Dark were god-tier horror games

  16. the part where his head gets crushed made a nice noise i like it

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  18. When I called you an idiot that was a song

  19. I got so cared my intestines slipped out because I pooped so badly from fear

  20. nooooooooooooooooooooooo you missed the funky part

  21. I am scared when you scream Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. 2:32 once it starts saying “You are an idiot” just watch his face and you can see when he gets offended lmao

  23. Hey Albert! There's a game called Doors! If the like flicker the monster is there but don't stare at the purple glowing thing it's dangerous so make a game and put my comment pls!!!!

  24. half of the things i do is watch Alberts old videos and comment on them <3

  25. 4:31 Akumu is Japanese means nightmare I think? Idk I looked it up couple years ago

  26. Flamingo can you play my game it's called Meme race by The uncalled. Ink


    i play it too i have 22k slaps

  29. thestart is gusspshhgshbjjwiujiaijajhsyuwbusgbuhsbsuhsbuhubsuhhshunshjn

  30. for all the people there is a easter egg in the video you will see 9:11 in the recorder

  31. Probably one of the best “horror” game ever made on roblox

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