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Exploring Dead ROBLOX Games

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In the timeline of Roblox’s history, many trends in popular games have come and gone. Today, I’m going to be investigating Roblox games that once had thousands playing daily, but now struggle to get more than ten players a day.

thanks to delta & tea for helping with the video’s script 🙂
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0:00 intro
0:42 welcome to the town of robloxia (2010)
1:34 robloxity (2013)
2:07 the plaza (2016)
2:46 iron cafe (2008)
3:07 urbis (2014)
3:32 the complex & apartments (2011)
4:05 various Loleris games
4:39 various MaximumADHD games
5:18 various Miked games
6:08 various Uberubert games & the first tycoon games
7:12 survival the jeff the killer (2018)
7:53 zombies are attacking mcdonalds (2008)
8:48 terror in bikini bottom (2014)
9:31 escape before it arrives (2012-ish)
10:06 bloody mary: awake and trapped (2011)
10:23 hospital nightmare 3 (2011)
11:18 the cursed house (2007)
11:53 build to survive the zombies (2011)
12:22 resident evil: build to survive (2007)
12:33 disaster hotel (2010)
12:52 outro

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  1. For part 2, I suggest When The Ballzes Come. It was a game I used to play constantly back in 2013/2014, but sadly the creator disappeared, and the game broke due to Roblox updates. Nobody plays it now, but sometimes I join it to remember the old days. Hopefully this gets covered in the next video, so that the game can be revived.

  2. does anyone still remember the famous water park game and elevator game?

  3. Old roblox was so much better. Started going downhill for me around 2013. Made my first account in 2009 and played almost all of the games listed in this video. After 2015 I only played Phantom Forces until I got into college around 2020.

  4. The zombies McDonald’s one was my favorite as a kid

  5. the living dead used to be my favourite game, its completely dead now.

  6. i love the thumbnail it's funny to me how every thumbnail when it points to 2023 the cat guy says "This game sucks" but when it points to the oldest theres many people being crazy in 1 place like lets say it's 2019 and you find a random hallway you go inside saying "Yo guys i found a hallway!" and they all come there to party😂
    edit: i miss these good days😂

  7. can somebody please tell me what the song at 11:19 is i keep hearing it everywhere and i NEED TO KNOW

  8. I miss the complex so much, I'm ngl yes there was a massive edating problem on it, but that just made it so much more fun to kid-me

  9. I'd like to add an honorable mention to Base Wars: The Land. That game was the pioneer of big shooters in Roblox. The Phantom Forces of our day.

  10. Who remembers 123 for bf/gf in town of robloxia/robloxity?

  11. 8:56 I made most of my roblox friends on here and the noob tube was so fun to use

  12. bro i wish the plaza was at front page again as it was in 2017

  13. build to survive the zombies was mf SHIT back in the day omg. eventually i got the VIP which had a gravity coil n everything, and id taunt other poor players by jumping around while they get eaten by zombies. bliss.

  14. Your video style reminds me of polygon donut good video

  15. Wow, thith ith kinda cwazy ifth you thinth about ith

  16. i miss the original mad murderer so bad. i hate the remake🫠

  17. Its a shame driveblox is another game that's dropped down to zero players. That game was a lot of fun a few years ago

  18. the hospital game is one i vividly remember playing a lot back in 2011 i think about it here and there lol

  19. I remember the disaster hotel game, bro i miss the old roblox sometimes

  20. Add Tradelands and Catalog Heaven Please
    And in Future there will be Deathrun too

  21. Man i used to play build to survive the zombies a lot in 2019 maybe even 2018 when i joined and i remember playing it the very last time that time it was broken so i never played it again since

  22. I think you should cover Murder Mystery X! It was created in the end of 2017 and actually surpassed Murder Mystery 2 in popularity for a short while in early 2018 when Murder Mystery 2 had a huge downfall due to lack of updates and the christmas event taking 4 months or so to end. Its an amazing game that has been on the decline since GreenLegoCats made a video about things the developer has done sometime mid 2018, and then Murder Mystery 2 taking back the crown shortly after. It didn’t completely die until recently.

  23. omgggg the nostalgia from these games hit me like a truck…..

  24. I remember playing The Plaza, that had to be one of my favorites 😭😭😭

  25. You should play Paros airport it’s a classic Roblox game that has tons of servers running back then but now are dead as hell

  26. am i the only one that finds the Black bar with the white words on top in old/not updated roblox games Nostalgic?

  27. Bro what was the game at 0:28 I cant tell you how much fun i had on that game as a kid

  28. does anybody remember any games like Don't Blink, Legendary the Forsaken Shore, Cube Cavern, The Northern Frontier, Avert the Odds II, Beyblade Metal Fusion, Ninja Simulator, Stealth, Mad Paintball 2, COALESCE, Spiderman Rope, Dungeon Shooter, Western Frontier, Noobs Vs Zombies, Kinetic Code, Disaster Master, Whatever floats your boat, Galaxy Arcade, The Labyrinth, STRIFE, FistiCuffs, Defenders of Roblox, Prison Royale, The Living Dead, Dragon Rage, Zombie Rush, Blox Hunt, Line Runner, Deception, Stop it Slender!, Quantrum, Mini Golf!, Innovation Labs, Blocked Out!, Bird Simulator, Azure Mines, Monster Islands, Side Slash!, Medieval Warefare, Galleons, Chaos Washers, Bullet Frenzy, lolwut, Solar Scuffle, Naval Warfare, MUFFIN KOMBAT, Hedgegrows, Firefighters!, Gardens vs Graveyards (renamed forgot the old version of it), Strife revised!, BADTIME, Zombie Tower, Decaying Winter, and Kingdom Life 2, thats all the ones that I remember, I know theres a couple more that I know but I forgot their names and have no clue where to find them.

  29. Bro tht dude spyro was a creep. When I was like 10 he was flirting w me in his game and he was much older

  30. Oh no oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no oh no, no no no no no no

  31. not including boys and girls dance club is crazy 🙏

  32. Remember when that glitch that made old games appear on one of those cagadory?

  33. The Plaza was way ahead of its time. Seeing all these classics dead just doesn’t sit right with me.

  34. The Plaza was an amazing game, I do not know why it is not popular anymore, it would be amazing now

  35. I miss old Roblox. I remember when I head over to my friends house with my laptop to game with them.

  36. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who played this game but there was a game called Make me a Sammich, the only purpose was making and serving sandwiches but I played it all the time.

  37. I got alot of nostalgia, even tough im not that much of an old player of roblox. I'll miss Terror in Bikini bottom, it was an awesome game too.

    I really recommend The Stalker Reborn game, it is still awesome.

  38. started playing 14 years ago and man, this really brings back nostalgia.

  39. Yall have no idea how fun the Plaza was. I would play that zombie game for so long grinding.

  40. I miss the less corporatized version of Roblox

  41. 7:49 i have a feeling this was a social experiment type game or flamingo bullied the creator into realizing how much the game sucks

  42. Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall was itself a 2008 game first created by NintendoZACHERY and later remastered by Bobbysayhi.

  43. Growing up I always played Mad Murder, Murder and Mad Paintball… Damn knowing we can't play these games due to not enough active players to start impact me hard like Truck-kun and Train-san

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