Finally a good New ATTACK ON TITAN Game -

Finally a good New ATTACK ON TITAN Game

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  1. Now that AOT is finishing in the Anime (completed in Manga)…What do you think the NEXT BEST Anime Is?

  2. Kelvin do a cosplay of Tokyo revengers plss🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. kelvin i have a favor, im doing the chapter 2 storyline in afs and i can't get the core from the corrupted ice dungeon boss, I've been grinding the dungeon and i can't get it,is it a bug?

  4. why do people say your real even tho your a human xD

  5. AOT Freedom Awaits is low key a lot better than this

  6. Like the game but IM TRASH AT IT SO I KEEP RESETTING NICE :')

  7. Kelvin im ur big fan an i want to help u in any way, off vid for free please add me my ID is kartikayk / coolbacon lol please im ur bic fan.

  8. Why cant i redeem codes? It says “not enough playtime”

  9. Kelvin play Anime Warriors at is release .

  10. Kelvin!!!!!! Happy 700k BICK BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OMG KELVINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! U HIT 700K LESS GOOOO!!!!!!!

  12. you may not see this but like this cause i want him to but like a year ago i was in one of your vids a noob trolling in ninja legends as naruto and i wanted yo ask you did you delete it i cant find it

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