Finally a good New ATTACK ON TITAN Game -

Finally a good New ATTACK ON TITAN Game

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  1. sadly the game doesn't work properly on console
    way too laggy

  2. how do you strafe left and right with both hooks???

  3. You should make a video on getting the titan shifter in this. It will be epic.

  4. thats good game but try ,,Attack on Titan: Freedom Awaits''

  5. The game is so clean that I rate it 1000000000/10

  6. I’m level 7 and I don’t have self heal so I limp every where so it’s tough

  7. Well the creator of attack on Titan should make attack on Titan 2 which features the kids of main characters and stuff

  8. Me playing Aot by myself:
    But then….
    Random guy: Oh HeY gUyS lOoK iTs FaNnY

  9. Last breath is way better in my opinion

  10. Dang.. Levi is enraged. That titan is a beast

  11. Is anyone giving away lootbox/crippling/nape tandem pls tell me

  12. Me and my freinds were testers for this game and when he showed the leader board I realized I e played with all of them lmao

  13. Now that AOT is finishing in the Anime (completed in Manga)…What do you think the NEXT BEST Anime Is?

  14. you may not see this but like this cause i want him to but like a year ago i was in one of your vids a noob trolling in ninja legends as naruto and i wanted yo ask you did you delete it i cant find it

  15. OMG KELVINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! U HIT 700K LESS GOOOO!!!!!!!

  16. Kelvin!!!!!! Happy 700k BICK BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kelvin play Anime Warriors at is release .

  18. Why cant i redeem codes? It says “not enough playtime”

  19. Kelvin im ur big fan an i want to help u in any way, off vid for free please add me my ID is kartikayk / coolbacon lol please im ur bic fan.

  20. Like the game but IM TRASH AT IT SO I KEEP RESETTING NICE :')

  21. AOT Freedom Awaits is low key a lot better than this

  22. why do people say your real even tho your a human xD

  23. kelvin i have a favor, im doing the chapter 2 storyline in afs and i can't get the core from the corrupted ice dungeon boss, I've been grinding the dungeon and i can't get it,is it a bug?

  24. Kelvin do a cosplay of Tokyo revengers plss🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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