Finally, A GOOD Roblox Black Clover Game... (2023) -

Finally, A GOOD Roblox Black Clover Game… (2023)

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Could just be me but I feel like that’s a scary promise to make… Only time will tell tho 👀

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  1. Could just be me but I feel like that's a scary promise to make… Only time will tell tho 👀

  2. Can't really see it as that much of a black clover game. Considering the combat. It's kind of just a game with grimoires in it that has clovers them. You actually watch a real black clover. Most people don't even use a weapon and if they do, it's most likely a product of their magic itself rather than something completely separate from their magic. So it's not really black clover people actually fight but I get what The game is doing

  3. its impossible to not make a bandit beater, best they can do is make the pvp intresting or make the progression pvp based

  4. from the pvp its feels like deepwoken, and thats good

  5. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint us like pixel piece.

  6. Hope it doesn't turn out like pixel piece. Pixel piece is disappointing ngl.

  7. Hello, hello? Grand Clover? Are you there? Wake up! Don't fall behind! "…"

  8. Naw a good jujitsu kaisen game would be jice

  9. Also i really want a good fire force game but nobody makes one

  10. The combat system is kinda like deep woken but tbh i wanna play a good Black clover game because there is only one good Black clover game and its black clover grimshot and its not even that good its just the best one for now

  11. Another good anime that doesn’t get good games is fire force

  12. combat looks linear and kinda boring imo but can't bash it to harshly ill have to get a feel for it when i comes out

  13. You gonna make a video on arcane odyssey when it drops?

  14. Like bro anime games NEVER release after like 10 years and if they do release its prob gonna be trash asf

  15. i feel some final fantasy 14
    Vibes in the music

  16. you think black clover doesnt get much notice? what about fire force?

  17. Pvp looks like every other game, m1 into combo extender into wall into infinite combo. Shits gonna suck. This is just gonna be another game that peaks at its release and once everyone realizes how mid it is it's gonna hover around 2-5k players, which isn't bad by any means. It's just gonna be "another anime game".

    I'm not saying pvp is gonna be the main focus but that's usually what it comes down to during the end game, people are gonna get bored if the pve and neutral content isn't good.

    Could be wrong tho 😹

  18. It looks like its gonna be a more graphic but less grindy deepwoken with no permadeath (hopefully)

  19. They already know I’m going with Dark Magic and a Katana

  20. Honestly just look like a deep/rouge game

  21. I hope this game is good because I dont want another Pixel Piece happening again 💀

  22. Ngl we could get a dipe black clover game here to bad no good games are for console with controller, but that's besides the point imagine like rolling/spinning for how many clovers you get, and then the type of magic, so you could get different lvls of fire magic, or just all around anything

  23. GPO combo streaks , deepwoken rapier animatons (basically copied to the T gimme a break) and lighting/build atmosphere obv inspired by deep (again why people saying this looks like deep in comments) , AND it's not gonna be a bandit beater . Looks like a pile of dog shit 😂.

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