Finally A New Roblox Dragon Ball Z Game...🔥 -

Finally A New Roblox Dragon Ball Z Game…🔥

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Intro Songs –
oshi – i carmacked bastille
Odece ~ Betrayal 2
oshi – think about it
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Opening 2 version 2 (Dio’s version)
JoJo: Vento Aureo Opening 1
Outro Songs
My Hero Academia – Stop Them With Full Power (Rifti Beats Trap Remix)
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  1. can u play bizzare world that’s new jojo game very good game it’s like yba but better or worser?

  2. the enemys are low level of no duh it does damage

  3. Haha i love how sage and zeke joined to infernasu

  4. Because roblox games dry this is hopefully gonna fix that

  5. Bruh why does it feel like some bullshit organization will sue roblox because this game "promotes animal abuse"

  6. They should make ki dmg and max ki all one stat and remove the resistance stats

  7. I feel this looks like a upgraded final stand but at the same time i feel saying that is a insult

  8. My only question is where do you find these incredible games to beta test because I want to be a beta tester for upcoming like this

  9. Infernasu getting mad about stats for being too indepth, LMFAOO.
    Each stat you put points in can give you an upperhand in certain cases, it's a good thing.

  10. “No dbz gamed”

    Final stand averaging the same players.

  11. Another bandit beater, just with good graphics and good macanics, but it’s still a bandit beater😔

  12. You should try Jojo's crusaders heaven. Its not like these abd copies it actually has a legit detailed cutscenes in it

  13. one reason i love this you can use a fricking sword to fight

  14. Title: Finally A New Roblox Dragon Ball Z Game…🔥

    Intro: my hero academia

  15. infernasu getting tester all the time me a normal person; T_T one day ama get it one day

  16. Why would u buy skills that makes zero scents like why that is just like saying "i bought my my multiplication skills" how explain yourself

  17. Yooo I met you at demon slayer RPG2 we was doing 10v10 big fan,✊🏼

  18. you should play super evolution its a dbz game and its super good

  19. Tbh i think they need a stamina system cause for things like punching barrages and anything that goes with your fist should take stamina not kionly energy based attack should take ki

  20. infernasu can you showcase a game outside of roblox called "Bleach Brave Souls"

  21. This game gonna be fire
    saw gameplay before
    time to see yours

  22. Hopefully if they do add bosses their arent just reskined normal npc's that do crazy damage like on some games cough cough "Blox fruits" cough cough

  23. yea man lets just not make agility a stat so we can just be the fastest person in the game off rip 🙂

  24. Game's pretty good I needa check out pvp but so far its pretty fun. It will prob be hella fun playing this with friends

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