Getting EVERY PET, the BEST MYTHIC PET and MAX COINS in Pet Simulator X! -

Getting EVERY PET, the BEST MYTHIC PET and MAX COINS in Pet Simulator X!

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Getting EVERY PET, the BEST MYTHICAL and MAX COINS in Pet Simulator X! I can’t believe I completed the pet collection!
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  1. We need all the Brite Juicewe can get for this video so smash the like buttonon the video so we can hatch some super rare pets!

  2. I'm wayy ahead then Sabrina I'm already a team of Golden Empyrean

  3. i know how to get a full mythical team!

  4. Dj if you want to do the enchantment hypotheses you have do it on the dragon instead of the mythic

  5. Best way for me to get rainbow Emp dragon is using 12 rainbow Emp snakes.

  6. I got rainbow eyperian legendary when u first fused at the end of vid

  7. I love how she said it’s for 11 billion even tho it’s 11 million lol!

  8. pog cat hint: where the deserted island meets the cold "tags" a smile smears across "blank" skies of horizon, said my preston in game

  9. bruh you had 4.6Bil fantasy coins when you said you cant afford the egg!!!

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