GIANT vs TINY - Roblox Obby -

GIANT vs TINY – Roblox Obby

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Today, we’ve playing a tricky parkour map. But this isn’t just any ordinary parkour, we’ve been given the superpower to grow as big and shrink as small as we want! This is amazing! This these powers, there’s nothing that stand in our way! Which do you prefer, tall and mighty as a mountain, or tiny and nimble as an ant?

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  1. They shrank and grew and reached the goal!

  2. I haven’t watched your videos in a long time I usually watch your videos on my TV.oh I forgot by the way, I’m a kid and my name is Alice bye it’s nice knowing you guys again😊😊😊

  3. But never mind stop it you. Didn't mind? It? Put up a 1000 an hour no. No no no i'm created

  4. Pro tip: move your cam onto one of the paths to see if it is correct if it is correct then walk on the path that your cam was on if it is wrong then do the same thing on the next path

  5. Cool video, I’m a huge fan of your channel! Hello from Virginia!


  7. on the lyly pads there was mikeys favourite color green!

  8. Xchxtsfzszt That means blue yellow blue blue

  9. I play this one’s on Roblox and it’s called grow obby 2

  10. Why you didn't use shift lock? Its EZ to playing obby!

  11. Mikey and JJ is good😊
    Because it’s making me feel good

  12. Can you also play build a boat And you didn’t play that game in every single day would you was born

  13. Hazme un chiste Murder Grand Water sigue girando Patience en Minecraft

  14. I love how Mikey way like GREEN and there was happy music and be died and there was sad music

  15. yow im from the future and the oof sound is gone

  16. Imagine doing this obby without shrinking or getting larger

  17. JJ is going out with his friends he is 19
    Years old

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