Greenville, Wisc Roblox l Construction Bridge Operator Pembroke Roleplay -

Greenville, Wisc Roblox l Construction Bridge Operator Pembroke Roleplay

Wanny Gaming
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Today, we are back in Greenville Wisconsin Roblox headed to Pembroke Pines Florida to work as a bridge operator! This leads to a huge traffic jam and helping rebuild the bridge. This leads to a car driving off the bridge and crashing into the ocean! Make sure to watch the entire video to find out what happens next. Subscribe to join the Wanny Family today!

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  1. Love the vids wanny! You haven't been a bridge operator for quite a while now.

  2. Thanks For Joining Wanny hope to build more Rps with you!

  3. me but wanny i super sad today im trying everything I just join discord thing I just want a mircul

  4. You haven’t been a bridge operator for quite a while So excited for you except my follow request

  5. You may be getting a surprise from me in tomorrow’s stream! Love the video!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Wanny how are u happy Thursday awesome video today. I loved yesterday and today's video so much watching it right now it makes me feel better than I was yesterday than today. I love watching your videos and streams so much even right now today and yesterday it makes my day even better than it was yesterday than today. Bye Wanny and Wanny fam have a nice day and week see you guys in the next video or stream bye.

  7. I can't wait for the next video Wanny keep it up ! ❤️😁

  8. Hi wanny I hope that your trip to penproke was fun I enjoyed the video

  9. Who wanny Every time when you upload it video it’s just the energy that you have is incredible keep it up and keep going and follow your dreams of being a good YouTuber I think that’s a dream I don’t know but

  10. Hi I am a huge fan and you know me not irl but i have commented to you and you inspire to be a YouTuber

  11. Video idea for any other youtubers: Video ends when Wanny says "Roaring down the road"

  12. Love your vids! Love your shouts too like: OH MY WORD, lol. Nice videooo!

  13. May I join ur family I subbed to u

  14. Good video!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Don't start is Streem tomorrow because I won't be here

  16. Do a southwest Florida video and BRING THE KAREN'S BACK

  17. Great job wanny for making great videos as always! However, since it's being renovated, can I go 200 mph on the bridge?

  18. Your
    videos are always on point! Keep up the great work Wanny 😀

  19. Hello there Mr wanny I need to ask you if I want to join your roleplay how do I? And if I am not a main character in the vid just like someone driving a car do I have to join a call?

  20. Sorry wanny almost hit you with my Lincoln

  21. The wanny game. do I live tomorrow 10:00 a.m. nobody has no school tomorrow please tomorrow summer summer break

  22. He’s come to Greenville again and I’ll meet you there OK

  23. I didn’t see that in Greenville what game did you go to after Greenville

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