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Guessing Roblox Games!

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  1. “Are cars the main component?”
    “It’s jailbreak”
    bruh jailbreak is for breaking out of jail

  2. Oh my gosh my favourite game Car Dealership Tycoon loll

  3. I play car dealership tycoon but Karl,it does not have guns in it and also why did Kreek say it has less but it has 16K ppl

  4. Karl? Like… mr beast’s friend? Or are you just a look-alike with the same name? (I was subscribed to pxl playground before I was mr beast, but I saw him in a mr beast video, now I must know.)

  5. Bro the video you just saw us bedwars that was not jailbreak

  6. "Involved guns"
    "are there cars"
    Me: what's that game prison break

  7. I thought it was Brookhaven at first but Brookhaven has over 25,000 players

  8. Bruh there’s more than 20000 players on jailbreak

  9. I was thinking of jailbreak as soon as he said there were vehicles and guns

  10. I thought it was Brookhaven💀💀💀💀

  11. It was bedwars then switched to a different game

  12. Mine was soo close prison escape is it called that way…

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