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Hardest Roblox Game Ever

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This is the greatest door speedrunning of All Time
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  1. penguinz0: did it not see him
    me, who knows all of the game: that troll face it can't

  2. This shit is so easy compared to something like tower of hell

  3. hardest game? then you shouldnt know what is last strandeds

  4. “Why does it give me control prompts” is how I feel about dark souls games

  5. Highest i got was 94 then i died to screech😾

  6. the introduction of characters like Jimothy Woolard as well as sunglasses guy was done so well this chapter, ngl the animation for the moistverse anime and mango is going nuts rn, cant wait for Charlie to fight final boss seek in chapter 443

  7. This video got me and the kids playing roblox together again lol. But we mostly play EVADE, IKEA now

  8. oh shit its the flesh light evil thing

  9. my 5 year old brother plays this and he just easily finished this game up to 100 door

  10. I only completed it 1 time it’s so hard

  11. Please talk about PrinceMarth on youtube. Yet another amazing creator bites the dust because of YouTube’s stupid policies and lack of communication.

  12. He's clearly never seen rogue lineage

  13. Why was everyone so bad at the heartbeat minigame against the demogorgon looking dude I only played this game once and got that minigame like 6 times and didnt fail it once and escaped that room I dont get whats so hard about it

  14. Isn’t Roblox just like 99% ped0s looking for their next victims?

  15. Bro, I had all the pages and the page but misclicked on the heart beat mini game on room 50

  16. they should add checkpoints every 25 or 50 doors

  17. I try to play this game, but it is a particularly hard one to play when you are tabbing out constantly and unable to look up or down (since I am one of the unfortunate players who has to deal with a broken full screen in roblox).

  18. I never really played Roblox but seeing this game might make me want to play Roblox

  19. the sad thing about this game is that anyone can make something like this, it's just most roblox devs don't like the word "effort"

  20. This game looks awesome and it really does make me wish Roblox as a corporation didn't suck so bad

  21. My account got poached. Hacked and all the expensive hats traded to a mule account. Support said they'd try to get them back but no promises. That was last year so I'm never gonna see my limited stuff again.
    Don't spend money on hats, they'll get stolen eventually.

  22. 0:23 he just had a little fright. But he looked at that thing dead in the eyes.

  23. As a guy who has played doors I can confirm this is truly one of the the games ever

  24. Doors is easy when you play it a lot of times you just need to learn the basics

  25. What is this game's name. Btw I know it's Roblox but I'm asking which Roblox game it is.

  26. "hardest", lmao try apeirophobia, the mimic, the doors is like a kg game compared to them. hate me all you want but you all know collecting books and hiding in a closet, and juking the figure at level 100 doesnt compare to having 5 lives in apeirophobia lol

  27. I kept hearing about this game but never check it out. Seems like Roblox is scary after all.

  28. Hardest roblox game ever? More like easiest roblox game ever

  29. Why do you traverse back 4 doors to find a dead body and see ambush preparing to blast off

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