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He banned me from his Roblox game… SO WE RAIDED IT WITH 200 PEOPLE

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Today I go into someone’s Roblox game and he bans me… then I come back a few hours later with 200 of you guys to get revenge!


  1. the guy who sayed pban time he ran U over

  2. if i was a game creator and albert raided it
    ur head-owner now

  3. This are the eight year olds kids trying to make a rule no punching because he always rage quit and getting annoyed 💀

  4. wait how does someone receive a notification of a group shout?

  5. what game was the first one? (Not going to hate just looked cool)

  6. whats the game called? the first one he raided

  7. Owner:bans Albert
    a few seconds later

    pillager raid noises

  8. Can anyone gimme the game name (the first game)

  9. Is t just me or did I hear a strange song at the end of the video

  10. its charming to see someone finally take revenge on these hypocritical cafe-esque roleplay games

  11. Admins: No no don't hurt us!! pbans

    Albert: I'm gonna get in trouble, I'm gonna start a fight 🥰

  12. yall the game name is Englewood, Chicago IL (BETA)


    It was really funny

  14. dude i swear roblox admins are the dumbest out there, like roblox moderation in games are so terrible and unfair, i bought an expensive gamepass to take control over a server but i didnt torture the server to annoy people, people could start raids in the prison and i wanted to take control over the situation to make it stop and an admin saw me and started THREATING ME WITH HIS ADMIN AND ACTED LIKE HE WAS A GOD OR SOMETHING AND THOUGHT I WAS PISSING MY PANTS OVER IT AND SAID OH YOUR SCARED ARENT YOU LOL when i calmly said, there was no rule against what i did, thats all i said and he start threatning me to perm ban me, so i started talking some sense to him because clearly, they only hire people who have non of that, i said, i read the rules before i bought the gamepass and it did not say anything about using the detain ability to put them in prison cells again and said if you just put it in as a rule now i can stop doing it because i respect the rules and he PERM BANNED ME FOR HARRASING AN ADMIN, the gamepass cost 6k robux btw, 6k just to be perm banned after 20 minutes, after that i just lost all hope in roblox admins and iv lost every single respect for admins and their rules and couldnt careless at this point, now whenever an admin approaches me for some random reason and start acting tuff because of his admin, i start speaking logic into them and they always either just walk away or ban me, almost every roblox admin out there is a little pus who needs to show their dominanse in a videogame every opertunity they get, like ofc they gotta warn you if you break the rules on purpose but when you dont know and you say it to them and they still flex their admin on you and start threating you with perm ban, thats where i loose their respect and this is the message i always use when admins threaten me with perm ban after i'v bought an expensive gamepass that i did not know i abused on a rule that isnt written down, "people like us are the reason you get payed, your group depends on funding, you get group funds when people buy clothings and gamepasses from your group/game, so if you're going to keep banning people who spend redicilous amounts of robux on your game just to show their support to you guys's games and group and you ban them because they break a rule that isnt written anywhere, people will stop supporting your moderation team, hate on you guys and you gain a bad reputation in the group that the admins of this group sucks and are truly unfair, you will loose your admin eventually if you keep banning people like us for those reasons" but ofc some just ignore and walk away and keep acting tuff like what? on what i said acting like they dont understand what i mean or just ban me anyway to show they got more power than you, i'll say it one last time before i click enter, Roblox moderation is the worst side of roblox.

  15. evey body spam i need roux on this coment

  16. albert in 2020 : raid with 200 ppl

    albert in 2021-2022 : raid with 220k people

  17. “Ban flamingo” the flamingo cult has you location

  18. next time mrflimflam make sure to say not to many or 10 of my friends and all on your group will join

  19. im a part of the chilldren

  20. I searchd up "kill me" and this popped up💀💀💀💀💀

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