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He made her a cringey Roblox game

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don’t hate on any of these games, they are very sweet just a little funny to look into someone’s life lol. Today I look at Roblox games meant for people’s online boyfriend or girlfriend and it was a little bit cringey


  1. I just wanted to state but " te iubesc enorm " means i love you enormously in Romanian !

  2. EEeeeeeeaeEEeaeaeaeaeEEEEeaeaweeeee1000 years ago says:

    Ah yes the legendary venging machine

  3. Isn’t funny that he remembers every single letter of her username without thinking

  4. te iubesc enorm=i love you so much (its in romanian)

  5. when he was reading the I love you thing I got an ad about love like she said that I have to talk to you about something and she turn on the water hosse and it lit up a i love you sign

  6. I swear any videos I watch of Albert I always laugh so much and today I got told off for laughing at 12am I couldn’t stop 😂🤣

  7. "100 robux?? are you kidding me?? "

    proceeds to pay 100 robux

  8. And the one being being only and the other day I am not sure what I am supposed for but it will take me to work harder to make an impact in my house than the others in our family life that are you and your family and your family and your friends at this is the best place for me and I will make you feel better than I am with the animated world and the other is the best I have can been seen for to first ppl ❤to was so just that to had a great time with my parents in a video saying that the best thing is that I have to go to a game that is my favorite sport to do d and to play a 6

  9. I can't believe I actually used to be a fan 💀

    Now Im a whole damn air conditioner

  10. Ods be like : I dont care about anything else (Someone dies ) Her : Still don't care

  11. Subscribe to flamingo or this night she gonna come to your house with a knife……

  12. The way he said "Damn" was hilarious LOL

  13. I am thr only one who sees 100k+ robux on his acc

  14. Bro that game was made when I was 2 or 1 years old

  15. Yall the way he said "for him" he ligit sounds like a girl- 💀

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