he TRICKED ME into playing THE SCARIEST GAME ON ROBLOX!! (doors) - pixelbladegames.com

he TRICKED ME into playing THE SCARIEST GAME ON ROBLOX!! (doors)

TeraBrite Games
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dj tricked me into playing a scary roblox game called doors…
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  1. I was playing like rb battles in 2020 but i like rb battles

  2. Rush:hide ine a closet when lights flicker.screech:likes to lurk in dark rooms and make a pstt sound so look around you.seek:follow the blue light.figure:can't see but hear so crounch and a tip for heart beating game is when it's pointing at the left press q if it's pointing at the right press e.ambush:when lights are flickering hide in a closet but he may come back.halt:when u hear some thing or see your screen and says turn around turn around then.jack:hides in closets or in a room.shadow:appears in rooms.glitch:if your behind the other players glitch will teleport you.DOORS TIPS FOR WINNING

  3. You should probably not play that game because you’re just gonna die with the other people can just buy gun I think you just should

  4. How can you be scared on doors bruh Ive win 10 times already

  5. R they bro and sis. Call me stupid if not because I do not no

  6. I cringed when Sabrina didn’t crouch at door 50☠️🫡

  7. Man you got jack that’s 1/200 chance


  9. The footage is lagging a bit when I watch.

  10. It’s hard and 8 times scarier than rainbow friends there are 14 monsters

  11. I know the scariest game on Roblox it’s called no players online

  12. Doors is a scary game but not for me at all I play doors all the time

  13. I have almost all achivements i just need the elevator expert even though i have done it 😢😢😢😢

  14. Can I tell you something about doors doors is a horror game it's not a fun game it is fun when you play it but yeah sink seek Screech set Jack and Bush and in Rush

  15. You should REALLY upgrade your computer or free some space, it's so laggy for you.

  16. Do you put RB battles Roblox door but really bad put a bit and pud

  17. Lol your more scared than a 7 year old

  18. Tip- never listen to people who lie about it not being a horror game

  19. 100K or else I come to your house and kidnap you when you sleep

  20. DJ is not gonna be alive when he makes her play poppy playtime 💀💀💀

  21. Ello I am new fan if your channel I watched your videos when I was young but I’m back!

  22. buy a private server they are free in doors they have 0/12 elevators!

  23. Rb battles hosts after seeing someone say “is this a hint!?” On a normal picture. (They are having a nightmare now):

  24. Me watching this video for the first time “If I would of said yes of playing doors and my response would be” “You should play it, if you do you’ll probably regret it 🙂

  25. TeraBrite Games can you send me the link so I can join

  26. Like like yeah shut up world right now or rainy days is a perfect day to upload

  27. When I'm sad and terabrite games goes on the TV it makes me feel better

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