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Holy War X RELEASE DATE | Roblox 7DS Game

revolver agz
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  1. yeah is that release date bc atp they just flexing the game on us

  2. by the time they drop this game anime showdown gon have a full roster lol

  3. Ngl it should just be released main reason is why do everything now and make us wait I’ve been waiting for a year bruh why not let the (higher quality stuff) be updates

  4. they can take as long as they want i want the game to be perfect

  5. I’m somewhat happy with a summer release considering I’ll be free and plenty of robux will be saved

  6. Stop getting your hypes up, its roblox not some ps4 or nintendo game. Look at pixel piece for an example, hyped up to an oblivion, now its not even open to play and its full of bugs.

  7. Have a feeling this games going to have a major bug/ exploit issue on release, that's normally what they get when you sell tester spots instead of hand picking them.

  8. yet another clickbait from the one and only agz the clickbaiter!! woohoo

  9. why wouldnt he just release the game in its current state and add overtime its a simple concept known as updating your game

  10. bro first it shouldve been released in the summer of last year after that the game went quiet and said they will release the game on 17 of december and again it got delayed after that they said it will be released on LATE DECEMBER OR EARLY JANUARY guess what its late february and the game is no where to be found ngl L mods L devs L owner

  11. i cant wait for this game to come out get hyped for 2 weeks and die after 2 yrs of wait 💀

  12. Bro Alphirex said this was click bait on it is ☠️🥹

  13. This will ruin almost every anime games player count

  14. I really hope the game won’t turn out like pixel piece like really buggy and have a really long maintenance

  15. Bro i can't wait till it comes out been playin these holy games for years now

  16. Roblox devs are so bad a scheduling a accurate release date it’s not even funny😔

  17. The game looks really good can’t wait for it to come out

  18. What about all the gamepasses that we bought from the last game? Will it still work?

  19. Bruh they just killing the hype with these delays man 1 more delay and i'm honestly moving on.


  21. feels like the game gonna die b4 it was even born lmao

  22. They are Burning the hype imo 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  23. Imagine it cost 300robux just to play then most players are gonna be like WTH I been waiting for no reason

  24. It's gonna be like "Now it's fall of 2024 and it's been announced that the devs are now pushing out the stage of normal testers to the public."

  25. Why doesn’t he release it and then update is, I want to play the game 😢

  26. "Holy War X RELEASE DATE" So just a clickbait title, cause you didn't put "speculation" or "Just a guess" or "My assumption" cause it really is just your assumption since there's no info on the release date

  27. people being hella un patient we all know how project slayers ended up let them take there time

  28. Waited A Whole Year , Now I'm Still Waiting ~~ > If I'm Waiting This Long, When It Release's It Better Have Mobile !!!

  29. yayy let's wait more 17 years for a "release" date that is gonna be delayed again

  30. Bro like why do youtubers keep click baiting its such a waste of my time

  31. Ong I love stealth missions but I hate it when they insta fail you if you get caught

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