How Bloody Can Roblox Games Get? -

How Bloody Can Roblox Games Get?

Ruben Sim
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the roblox customer service experience
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  1. spam for make this video famous and quit off the unfair of roblox game i got the same but bc im poor and bad dev they banned me the account lol

  2. I better see all the old runker stuff back online, everyone needs to flood the report systems and emails till roblox crashes.

  3. "Or literally kill yourself over and over to get points to spend on cooler ways to killer yourself" ahh that made me laugh so hard I watched this video 2 times before in the past I think I love it and I love you ruben

  4. I'm pretty sure all of the games that Roblox is ok with having blood has a feature to disable it, maybe that is the solution (not to the profanity, just to the Roblox moderation issue)

  5. Hey Ruben i even found a game that has a doom eternal glory kill mechanics

  6. How many fucking times did roblox mods shot in their foots….Ig a 100 billion times

  7. Yeah but you can bypass this rule by having a button to turn it off :shrug: Don't ask me but thats how PF APOC 2 And any other games get through it because it can be disabled

  8. roblox try to be consistent challenge (impossible)

  9. it should be named "how stupid can roblox get?"

  10. You think this is bad! Try neighbourhood war.

  11. OK Roblox stupid brain dead very Brandon not even one brain cell left in their head no I do not care if I get banned

  12. Me playing decaying winter and chat warriors: yeah Rubens game has wayyyy too much blood.. definently…

  13. What was the second game shown(the one with the what looks like a saiga 12)

  14. they have a grudge on you cause you're real. you're the realest of them all. and you expose shit that would DESTROY roblox's reputation. any chance they get they'll try to kick you in the nuts.

  15. Your game have don't work with Xbox. The Xbox policy not allowed blood from roblox and other

  16. Hey man I know how it feels to have something you spent lots of money on I mean I lost my frigging ad after spending 300$ on robux I mean the company would be appreciated more if they even allowed refunds as a thing!

  17. Roblox: This AD is too violent we need to shut down the game! -Wait until the devs spent 10k robux on it,

  18. It’s basically they “don’t like” Ruben and they don’t care as long as they get money from the game

  19. I think they did this because most of those games have the option to turn of blood

  20. Who cares about the kids they dating people in roblox saying this is my bf like bro roblox is already cringe what say what about the kids

  21. It may be because those other games have a “blood setting”, so that might be the reason why or Roblox is just stoopid

  22. Here's a suggestion: Roblox implies not only a premium status but a Roblox+ where there are less censors (Second beside this dumb tech support) and there are less restrictions and limits.

    The general idea was a kids game, but let's be honest, we're past 2016.

  23. Roblox is just a toxic fucked up corrupted game for kids

  24. Yeah this doesn't seem fair when a game called decaying winter has literal fucking suicide animations

  25. No we can't have kids seeing lots of blood
    also that same person:
    outSTANDING move roblox

  26. tbh in reality its not that roblox dont allow blood roblox just hate you

  27. There’s Russian roulette with literal organs in it when your head explodes from the gun

  28. Hire me and I'll make mean tweets to Roblox every day. Just for the Fun of It.

  29. this is the video that got me into rubin sim and also roblox

  30. ngl core is way better and they dont lie and give stupid reasons like this core is just a better and more truthfull version of roblox

  31. I… have similar pain. I've gotten permanently banned for a game I made years ago and yet it's only now banned alongside the account that created it because one of the scripts it had contained blood. Not even that much, yet still it's enough for roblox to give me a permanent ban. What's worse is that the game wasn't even popular. It was just a random game me and my friends played on for a bit of fun.

  32. I feel like Roblox just likes to annoy you 👍

  33. I feel like roblox just don't give a shit about their players safety and only cares about the goddamn money.
    (and yes roblox moderation is bullshit and I'm fucking serious )
    and letting rest of the players to have blood in their games when they cut one person who has blood in their game.

  34. “Give me my money and get nothing in return”
    -Roblox, powering moderation

  35. “Hopitty hopitty we are going to screw you over because we can”

  36. That's retarded Roblox will allowed other games has blood but do not allow Ruben to have blood in his game if I was Roblox I would allow Ruben to have blood in his game I mean I don't care it's Gore in his game

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