How Bloody Can Roblox Games Get? -

How Bloody Can Roblox Games Get?

Ruben Sim
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the roblox customer service experience
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  1. Lemme tell a stupid story. My friend got banned on roblox COMPLETELY. The reason? Using UTG in his game. Why is that a problem? The UTG was implemented BEFORE that rule was made. So he gets banned for a day and the game is taken down. Unbanned and tries to make a SECOND game. Banned before he knows it and his account is deleted. His group has hundreds of dollars worth of robux sitting there. And the thing I don't fucking get is why there is an option to appeal for a friend if they tell you to fuck off because they want the person to appeal. It makes me want to rip my hair out cuz he had 2 or 3 limited on him as well.

  2. I got banned by saying ":D" which is isnt even a threat, the moderators these day arent fair anymore and i still like the old roblox.

    Also, jokes on you Roblox i have 50 more account to use and the one they ban isnt even my main account

  3. Roblox Is just going down a fucked path and that is why people have stopped playing the game

  4. oh this dude didin't see the future too good. 1.6 mil…

  5. Mann.. your like the sniper POW pedos gone POW dumb stupid devs POW stealing rubos

  6. This is why i LOVEEEE roblox.

  7. Combat Warriors: extreme gore, peoples libs come off and you can see their bones and meat, decapitations.
    Roblox: its k.
    Runker: some blood sprays and some blood on floor
    Roblox: E X T R E M E G O R E

  8. We love Roblox becasue of their support! Its the best!11!1!!1/j

  9. no one: king crimson in literally every game of roblox

  10. I know your anger over roblox but this is how it is they are idiots they think the blood is "ketchup" and roblox does not be family friendly anymore. It's too late they saw it.

  11. What is it with roblox hating him so much?

  12. LMAO The video is funny i just think one of the moderators has it out for u lol anything u do they will try and ruin it and make u lose stuff its sad and funny kinda hope u get ur money back lol

  13. Looks like the youtube recommend gave us this banger of a video again

  14. It has just as much gore as the others games mentioned

  15. Neighbourhood War: Blood, Gore.
    Roblox: That's what i call powering imagination.

  16. At this point, it's clear that Roblox hates Rubin SIm.

  17. My game got closed it did not even had blood only guns and that is it

  18. also theres a game where when you killa enemy it'll make thier organ spat out and it doesnt get deleted tho i forgor the name of the game :skull:

  19. Ah roblox, Deletes my game whitout a warning and no email or inbox

  20. The Roblox Moderation just keeps getting worse. 🙁

  21. Wow! Roblox is a horrible shit platform and using steam is worth the extra time investment??!?? Who would’ve known!!??

  22. how come we're all seeing this 2 years later on july 8th?

  23. i saw this a year ago and just saw it again today, also they let you say retard but wont allow gore lol

  24. tbh the dumb thing about this, you look at his game and ok there's blood, then you go over to games like decaying winter, anomalous activities, or creatures of sonaria where either there is lots of blood everywhere or if someone gets hurt/killed blood goes everywhere
    decaying winter has blood almost everywhere you look, anomalous has the same thing + bloody bodies, and creatures of sonaria has blood pour out of any slightly injured creature covering the ground anywhere they walk
    all that and apparently his game has more blood somehow

  25. Ooh he put aegis in that’s one of my favorite games 🙂

  26. Extreme blood on a game thts nowhere near good enough to even make more blood than battle warriors…
    Totally understood their fucking logic

  27. Roblox at its finest moderation one time someone was talking mad shit about my friends dead dad and I standed up for him I got a warning 😀

  28. Why are all these comments recent

  29. roblox is always unfair runker 51 get shutdown not becouse by extreme blood its probably from stuff from before (probably)

  30. People who are commenting right now just watched the video and they wanna be in it XD

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