How to Create Roblox Games on Mobile! (2022) -

How to Create Roblox Games on Mobile! (2022)

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Learn How to Create Roblox Games on Mobile

In this video I show you how you can create roblox games on mobile.

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  1. Thank you bro I wanted to shut down my game for a little while but my WiFi on my laptop gets turned off at a certain time so I had to do it on my phone

  2. yeah sureeee we can •<•

    Even since 2016 i cant make a game 🤦

  3. I dont have the Aa thing you said

  4. When i click to create they said checking for roblox studio after that download roblox studio can't open😩but i want to make a game 😞

  5. I’m confused… I downloaded 3 times and it didn’t work

  6. It tells me to use Roblox studio when I use it

  7. Cap, this dude didn't even explain how to make games, he basically lied. He didn't tell us that it's impossible because we need to download the exe file to even get into the place where u can edit the game. Basically huge cap

  8. Me: Let’s watch this video! I can definitely use this knowledge-
    When I go to “create”: won’t even load the opening screen

  9. Spring_trap Gamer god pro Grave digger Godzilla says:

    It doesn't work

  10. Mines not working it just says I need to download this thing and I press download but it doesn’t work

  11. I didn't want to know how to login I wanted to build

  12. They is not 3 dot anywhere I look everywhere!!!!!

  13. Can u do an android phone pls 😭😭

  14. Doesn’t work because there’s no to ease in my top right corner

  15. I downloaded Roblox Studio 11 times and it keep showing me to download it BRUH

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