How To Create Roblox Games on Mobile -

How To Create Roblox Games on Mobile

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Easy to follow tutorial on creating Roblox games on a mobile device (IOS/Android) Want to create some games on Roblox but don’t have a PC to download Roblox Studio? While you can’t edit the game as much as you can on PC, it is still possible to CREATE games on mobile Roblox! Learn how to create Roblox games on mobile now!

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– It’s not possible to create games using the Roblox app, to do it, close the app and open up a web browser.

– In the browser, go to

– Tap ‘continue in browser’.

– You’ll now need to login to your Roblox account if you’re not already signed in.

– Now you’re signed in, tap the ‘create’ tab from the top menu.

– It will tell you that you need to use the app to continue, but that’s not true, you just have to switch to the desktop version of the site. On Safari, tap the AA button at the top left and then select ‘request desktop site’.

– On Google Chrome, tap the 3 dots button at the bottom right, scroll down a bit, and then you’ll see ‘request desktop site’.

– Now that it loaded in desktop view you can tap ‘start creating’.

– Tap ‘create new game’.

– Choose from one of the available game templates.

– You can now create your game immediately from here, or you can go through the different tabs to set more options. In the basic settings tab, you can give your game a name, write a description, and select its genre.

– In the access tab, you can choose which devices this game can be played on, the maximum player count, and server fill options.

– Tap ‘create game’ once you are finished in the settings.

– Your game will now be live, you can enter it right away and so can your friends. Unfortunately, there is no way of actually editing the game beyond this without Roblox Studio, and there’s no way of getting Roblox studio on a mobile device.


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