How to Play Roblox VR Games on Oculus Quest 2 - (2022) -

How to Play Roblox VR Games on Oculus Quest 2 – (2022)

Geoffrey James
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In this video, I will be showing you how to play Roblox VR games on your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 in 2022 for FREE! So if you want to play Roblox in Virtual Reality on you Oculus VR headset make sure to watch this whole video!

VR Hands

Oculus Computer App



  1. But I have laptop only not PC can it work with out pc?

  2. What do you search up to get in there?

  3. Ok so its christmas soon and my mom says that the vr is bad to use, since u made this video i thank you so much and i try to make my mom buy it

  4. I have a question… can u use a wireless USB?

  5. Thanks to this I can no longer use my oculas app on my phone and lost my acc☹

  6. Теперь мне не стыдно, что я все свои жалкие 12 лет учил английский 🙂

  7. I have 1000 future anime husbands and wifes Simp says:

    Does it have to be a pc? Can’t it be a normal laptop?????

  8. is not letting me download it cause im on ma can you make a video about that please is 11 P.M im tired and I really wanna play Roblox vr on Mac.

  9. it didnt work!!! i WAS born in that date but it said I WASNT

  10. Does it need to be a PC or does laptop work as well

  11. can i use a laptop instead of a pc?

  12. thanks for the help it said i could use it wireless thanks again tho ive been trying to figure this out for a WHILE

  13. Once it’s plugged in can you unplug it or dose it have to stay plugged in?

  14. 1:45
    personally this is the best part of the video with the bible verse
    im glad you believe in jesus and as long as you keep following him you will have eternal life in heaven ☺

  15. I have an question u can play any game on roblox on vr?

  16. Can it work on Xbox one? Or just only pc? If it works on other devices, which ones?

  17. You can go swimming on one on the old laptop so I can plug it in my dad laptop

  18. What kids at football from myself and 12 years old

  19. It’s not letting me download oculus app wont pop up

  20. It didn’t show the pop up for enable oculus link

  21. it works for me but now when I try to play games that don't use roblox vr but it still puts them in vr mode and I don't know how to fix it.

  22. it wont open the rift menu when i connect it with the link cable

  23. do you haev to care about how good the pc is or does it effect the game on oculus too?

  24. Yo, I got a question.
    Does it work on mac book pro ?

  25. Help, I am playing roblox VR on my quest 2 but after like 15 seconds my screen freezes but my pc works fine

  26. What about mobile😢 because I am on mobile

  27. Thank you for the advice! I will try it whenever i get a new headset cause the one i have rn is broken

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